Traineeship Inspires Career in Teaching

Traineeship Inspires Career in Teaching

Former trainee Michaela Bailey lauds her traineeship experience, which not only fueled her passion for teaching but also set her on a meaningful employment path. Seeking a break from full-time studies and eager to earn while gaining school-based experience, Michaela seised the traineeship opportunity.


Beginning her traineeship at Kingswood College while studying a Certificate IV in Sports Development, she was so enamored with the experience that she continued as an Integration Aide while pursuing a Bachelor of Primary Education at Deakin University.

I really wanted a break from full-time study but at the same time I was keen to start earning some money while gaining experience working in a school,’ said 19-year-old Michaela.

‘I saw the AFL SportsReady opportunity and took it because getting paid to do something I love sounded a lot better than continuing doing just casual waitressing.’

Michaela commenced her traineeship with Kingswood College in 2016 while studying a Certificate IV in Sports Development.

‘I loved the traineeship so much I didn’t want to leave and was offered a position to continue at Kingswood this year as an Integration Aide while I am studying a Bachelor of Primary Education at Deakin University,’ said Michaela.

‘In this Uni course, I definitely feel like a lot of the content I’m learning is easier to understand because I’ve seen how it is applied in the real world. The traineeship has really given me a huge head start.’

As part of her traineeship experience, Michaela was involved in many activities such as helping with sports carnivals, attending school camps and excursions and assisting in planning and teaching lessons.

I learnt and experienced so much in my traineeship. I actually couldn’t believe I was getting paid to go snorkeling with seals in Merricks or camping at Mount Bogong!’ smiled Michaela.

‘I also now have lots of connections in the teaching industry which I find really useful and that will be of great benefit for me.’

‘I just want to say thank you AFL SportsReady for helping me get ahead in my pathway to becoming a teacher.’

Michaela’s traineeship exposed her to a plethora of activities, including assisting with sports carnivals, embarking on exciting excursions, and actively contributing to lesson planning and teaching. The practical application of her coursework in the real world provided her with a significant advantage, enabling her to forge connections within the teaching industry.

Grateful for the support, Michaela extends her heartfelt thanks to AFL SportsReady for propelling her forward on her journey to becoming a teacher.


Traineeships are paid, employment and education training programs that give you a nationally recognised qualification. They are usually full-time, but can also be part-time or school-based. If you’d like to find out more and a place to submit an expression of interest at this link.

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IMAGE: Michaela Bailey