How AFL SportsReady gave Hadi hope

How AFL SportsReady gave Hadi hope

How AFL SportsReady gave Hadi hope

In 2013, 20-year-old Hadi Rezaie fled alone from his home in Afghanistan in search for a better life in Australia. Four years later Hadi is fluent in English, working in the AFL industry and inspiring others with his story thanks to the Bachar Houli Program and AFL SportsReady.

Hadi started his AFL SportsReady traineeship with AFL Tasmania in 2016 as part of the Bachar Houli Program which aims to give young multicultural people the opportunity to work or play in the AFL industry.

‘It’s amazing that opportunities like the Bachar Houli Program and AFL SportsReady exist for people like myself, to help us to assimilate into Australian culture through AFL football. It has truly given me hope.’ he said.

Since commencing his traineeship with AFL Tasmania, Hadi has gained a better understanding of AFL football and has developed a profound passion for the game.

‘I came to Australia with little knowledge of AFL and now I know everything about the sport, the industry and the people and I also love to play the game of course!’ Hadi laughed.

‘Everything about it excites me, the MCG, the players, the atmosphere at the game. It’s the best!’ He added.

As part of his traineeship, Hadi is studying a Certificate III in Business, adding further knowledge and skills to his experience to aid him through his career journey.

‘I love learning new things, I want to absorb as much information as possible in my traineeship and use it to my advantage. Having the opportunity to study a qualification makes this experience even more rewarding because it adds credit to my name and sets me up for my future,’ explained Hadi.

Aside from work and study, Hadi was also appointed as the Tasmanian Youth Ambassador for the National FUSE summit in 2016 for multicultural youth to share his story and mentor those on the same journey.

‘The FUSE summit was an uplifting and positive experience that I am proud to be an ambassador for. It presents an opportunity for multicultural young people to come together and share ideas about how we can contribute to Australian society and offer each other support,’ he said.

Thanks to his experiences, Hadi is on the path to a successful career and has a strong desire to help others assimilate into Australian culture and lead them on the same journey.

‘These programs have assisted me so much. They have given me a purpose and a passion. When I first came to Australia It was hard to focus but now I have regained motivation and have career goals and now I am finally on the right track.’

DATE: 6th of March 2017
IMAGE: Hadi Rezaie
AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello