Traineeship opens career gateway for Cade

Traineeship opens career gateway for Cade

Traineeship opens career gateway for Cade

Thanks to his traineeship Cade Waters has gained the confidence to take his career to new heights and is now running his own sport workshops in Canada.

‘The traineeship at Wonthaggi Secondary College allowed me to do something that I really loved and pursue a career in sports teaching,’ said Cade.

‘I knew the experience and knowledge I would gain through the year would benefit my future and I was right.’

Opportunities like Cades allow trainees to get a taste of the industry they are passionate about straight out of high school and start networking with people in the field.

‘To be able to work with the kids at the college was awesome. My highlights were the days I took classes and got to experience what it was like to be a teacher. I was also very fortunate enough to be a part of a school that had surfing as one of their classes,’ explained Cade.

After undertaking his traineeship in 2016, Cade has been lucky enough to continue his love for teaching sport with a program in Canada. He is currently working for a sporting educational company teaching young children different forms of physical activity.

‘I just love teaching kids due to their willingness to learn and how energised they are. I think it’s something that keeps you young forever!’

‘Thanks to AFL SportsReady for helping me achieve my dream.’

DATE: 11TH April 2017

AUTHOR: Brendan Wylie 

IMAGE: Cade Waters