Path to a Career in Sports and Teaching

Path to a Career in Sports and Teaching

Kate Payne’s journey after school was marked by uncertainty, as she grappled with choosing a career path that aligned with her passions in the sporting and teaching industries. However, her fortunes took a dramatic turn when she stumbled upon AFL SportsReady. Which offered a multitude of teaching positions in schools across Victoria. Seizing the opportunity, Kate applied for a coveted role at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School. Recognising it as a golden chance to join one of the state’s most esteemed institutions.

Little did she know that her traineeship experience would surpass her wildest expectations, allowing her to contribute to large-scale projects and undertake tasks that would shape her future plans. Alongside her practical experience, Kate also pursued a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation. Equipping herself with the necessary skills and knowledge to launch her career.

Reflecting on her transformative journey, Kate wholeheartedly recommends traineeships to everyone. emphasising the invaluable lessons she learned about the realities of the workplace.

She hit the jackpot when she discovered AFL SportsReady, there were a number of available teaching jobs at schools right across Victoria. Kate applied for the role at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School and saw it as an opportunity of a lifetime – with one of the states most respected girls schools.

“It’s an eye opening experience, it has taught me what life in the work place is all about.”

Her traineeship experience surpassed her expectations, after contributing to the schools large scale projects and taking on tasks that have provided her many benefits for her future plans.

Whilst gaining hands on experience Kate also studied a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation allowing her to develop the essential skills and knowledge she needs to launch into her career.

“I would honestly suggest for everyone to do a ¬†traineeship. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to study or work for a year, but then I heard about AFL SportsReady which combined both work and study!”

Kate Payne’s remarkable journey, from uncertainty to fulfillment, exemplifies the power of seizing the right opportunities. AFL SportsReady became the turning point for Kate, offering her a chance to combine her passions for sports and teaching. Her traineeship at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School exceeded her expectations. Granting her hands-on involvement in significant projects that shaped her future plans.

Alongside practical experience, Kate pursued a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation, equipping herself with essential skills for her career. Kate’s transformative experience resonates strongly as she wholeheartedly recommends traineeships. Emphasising the invaluable insights gained about the realities of the workplace. Her story is a testament to the possibilities that arise when passion, opportunity, and dedication converge.


Traineeships are paid, employment and education training programs that give you a nationally recognised qualification. They are usually full-time, but can also be part-time or school-based. If you’d like to find out more and a place to submit an expression of interest at this link.

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