Making a Lasting Impact

Making a Lasting Impact

During a recent catch-up between Tyler Flint, a Trainee at Mount Lilydale Mercy College, and his supervisor Vanessa Frazer, Tyler’s exceptional dedication and enthusiasm for his role became evident, significantly influencing both students and the school community. This article delves into their shared experiences, showcasing Tyler’s remarkable journey as a Trainee.

Building Strong Connections

Teamwork with Tyler also extends to the other Trainee at the school, Cheyenne – together and seamlessly they handle tasks as a team. Their collaboration even extends to covering classes for each other when necessary, showcasing their competence and dedication.

“Tyler is incredible in classes. He can just step in, and the students love him,” says Frazer.

Accountability and Role Modeling

One of the key strengths exhibited by Tyler is his commitment to holding students accountable for their actions.

“What I love most is that you hold the students accountable, which is really good,” expresses Frazer.

“When it’s a PE class, Tyler actively participates in games with the students, creating an enjoyable atmosphere while also demonstrating sportsmanship and appropriate behaviour. Furthermore, he motivates less active students to get involved in the activities.

Sometimes Tyler runs drills, small group activities or a whole game. The role in a PE class is really varied, sometimes theres a lot of responsibility.

Tyler creates a positive learning environment by emphasising discipline and good behaviour. His dedication to ensuring students stay on task and maintain order in the classroom is highly commendable.” – Frazer

Venturing into Coaching

Tyler has ventured into coaching various sports teams, showcasing his versatility. Tyler’s coaching experience with the senior volleyball teams stands out. Despite limited knowledge of the sport, he quickly learned the rules and strategies.

“I think he’s doing really well. I think his initiative is starting to come on,” remarks Vanessa.

“Tyler’s willingness to take on new challenges and his continuous learning demonstrate his growth as a coach and a role model for students.” – Vanessa

Challenges and Resilience

While Tyler excels in his role, challenges are an inherent part of the journey. Tyler’s resilience and positive attitude shine through, as he continuously strives to improve. Vanessa’s mentorship and support play a vital role in helping him develop skills and overcome obstacles.

“Some of the responsibilities are helping out in the classroom, particularly when there are subsitiute Teachers” – Tyler

Integration and Connections

Tyler’s interactions with other staff members and Teachers remain strong. They maintain connections with different departments, such as science and music, and actively engage with colleagues during sport-related activities. Their involvement with local schools for collaborative events further solidifies their position as integral members of the educational and sporting community.

Looking Ahead

Tyler’s growing confidence and initiative indicate his potential for future growth and leadership. Vanessa recognises his progress and acknowledges the importance of encouraging independence and decision-making skills when supervising Trainees.

As Tyler continues to make a positive impact on students’ lives, his dedication and commitment serve as inspiration for the entire school community.
Go Tyler!

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