Traineeships help you get employed!

Traineeships help you get employed!

Traineeships help you get employed!

Thanks to AFL SportsReady more and more trainees are gaining full-time employment in the industry they love. 20 year old Harriet Cooper is one of those trainees.

‘I didn’t really think I would get a full-time gig out of this! I walked into the traineeship knowing I would gain work experience and a qualification but to be fully employed by the AFL Players Association (AFL Players) has made this experience even more unreal.’

Sport lover and AFL enthusiast, Harriet, completed two traineeships. Her first one was with the Department of Health and Human Services where she studied a Certificate III in Business. She enjoyed her experience so much she decided to take on another traineeship but this time in the sporting industry where her real passion lies.

‘I just finished my second traineeship with the AFL Payers and studied a Certificate IV in Business. I’ve always longed to work in sport but was never really optimistic about it because I know how hard it is to get in,’ said Harriet.

‘In my role at the AFL Players I assisted with multiple admin tasks as well as answering phones and dealing with clients. I also learnt a lot about the AFL industry and the AFL players.’ 

‘After completing my traineeship I got a full time gig as the receptionist at the AFL Players. This was a big deal for me because I love footy and knew I had achieved something pretty great for my age,’ she added.

Since its inception AFL SportsReady has helped over 2,000 trainees work in the football industry.

‘Everything came to light when I started my traineeship. It gave me the hope that my dreams in sport were actually possible,’ Harriet smiled. 

‘A traineeship is one the best things I’ve ever done. You come out of school, you get qualified, you get experience and create networks in the industry. For young people like myself. You need that extra help to make it and AFL SportsReady gives you exactly that.’

DATE: 11 MARCH 2016