Traineeship Leads to Job in Sport

Traineeship Leads to Job in Sport

The former AFL SportsReady Trainee has come full circle in her journey with her Traineeship leading to a job in sport. From being a trainee herself at St Kilda Football Club to gaining full-time employment in their Consumer Operations team and now taking on trainees of her own.

Tessa believes the benefits of the program for both trainee and host are endless and in this interview, she explains why.

“When you take on a trainee you get a really eager young person who is passionate and who will grab everything with both hands,” she said.

“You are essentially giving someone an opportunity to kick start their career and you can shape them into a confident, professional and career ready young person.

My traineeship gave me full-time employment in an industry I love so I have experienced the outcomes of this program first-hand,” Tessa added.

Tessa now manages her own trainee named Lauren and also works closely alongside another trainee, Jack.

“Hosting a trainee is just as great as being a trainee. Our trainees provide me with an abundance of support. It’s amazing to witness their progress and to know I was in their position once.”

Starting her career as a Membership Trainee at the club and now Tessa is working alongside Jack who is following in her footsteps.

“Four years ago, I was on the phone selling memberships just like Jack.

The team at St Kilda really had so much confidence in me and supported me so much even through the challenging times during COVID and lockdown.

I encourage my (our) trainees to really build relationships and networks. A traineeship is a time where you get unlimited access to things people can’t even imagine. Whether it be sitting with a department or attending a meeting, you get an insight into every department to see which path you may want to go down. This is what I did in my traineeship and it is why I am in my role now.”

St Kilda Football Club has partnered with AFL SportsReady for over 17 years and has taken on over 25 trainees. Many of those young people gain full-time employment at the club or a job in sport.

“It’s a program that definitely works and having been a trainee now taking on trainees myself I can understand why this pathway is so successful.
I look forward to witnessing the continued growth of my trainees and the trainees yet to come through these doors.”

This article is part of a series in partnership with the National Careers Institute. Highlighting the real stories of young people that chose a Traineeship in the AFL industry, as their career pathway.

This series includes current and former trainees demonstrating the benefits of the traineeship program and how this pathway allows them to follow their passions.

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DATE: 12th October 2022 | AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello
IMAGE: Tessa pictured with Lauren & Jack