Traineeship Gives Young Person Opportunity to Work for Geelong Football Club

Traineeship Gives Young Person Opportunity to Work for Geelong Football Club

Traineeship Gives Young Person Opportunity to Work for Geelong Football Club

Find out how Archie McBean got his foot in the door at the Geelong Football club and what it is like working for a premiership winning team.

Archie was doing a business degree at Deakin but he decided it wasn’t for him and really wanted hands-on industry experience so he jumped at the opportunity to work at a footy club.

Just two months into his Membership traineeship with the cats, he is already seeing all the benefits of the program.

“I wanted something more, something with practical experience and you can’t get more hands-on than a traineeship.

I am learning something new every single day. I come to work at this amazing place which has such a great work culture and there is just so much support around me. It really feels like a family.

I am advancing in all levels of my professionalism whether it be learning how to work under pressure or the skills of communicating with others.”

At only 20 Archie has experienced everything from the thrill of the footy finals to getting to attend the Grand Final game with his colleagues and relishing in a victorious win.

“It just feels so surreal to be in this role and to see and experience the things I have seen in the last two months.

I mean, I got to attend my first Grant Final game for a club I am working for, it doesn’t get much better than that and I have my traineeship to thank. I feel so lucky.”

Archie’s role at Geelong is in Membership where he gets to talk to members day in and day out which he loves. During the finals season he said it was mayhem at the Cattery and members were coming in by the droves.

“It was absolutely insane just the vibe and excitement at the club. We were all so busy in our roles and working around the clock to make sure all our members had the best possible experience. The energy was exciting, everyone was smiling, everyone was pumped!”

After the Cats won the Grand Final Archie said the energy reached a new level.

“You can’t really put into words the feeling. It’s like the best thing ever.

Even in the week after the Grand Final, the energy is still so high. It’s such a rewarding feeling to see the sheer joy of every single member and to know you are a part of this community.

These traineeships offer you once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to work for places you could only dream about.

Not much I can add except, I am just so grateful for this program.”

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This article is part of a series in partnership with the National Careers Institute to highlight the real stories of young people who chose a Traineeship in the AFL industry as their career pathway.

This series includes current and former trainees demonstrating the benefits of the traineeship program and how this pathway allows them to follow their passions.

DATE: 30th of September 2022

AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello

IMAGE: Archie McBean in action at the Cats