Strategy to Address Teacher Burnout

Strategy to Address Teacher Burnout

AFL SportsReady (AFLSR), in collaboration with the National Career Institute, proudly unveils a transformative initiative. The ‘Supporting Schools across Australia’ Program, is aimed at mitigating Teacher shortages and burnout in the education sector. The program launch, endorsed by the Federal Minister for Skills and Training, the Hon. Brendan O’Connor, marks a significant step toward fostering a sustainable and thriving educational ecosystem.

AFL SportsReady Launches Innovative Strategy to Address Teacher Burnout and Shortages

[Trainee Olivia Read, Corpus Christi Catholic School]

Hosted by AFL SportsReady and inaugurated by Minister O’Connor, the ‘Supporting Schools across Australia’ Program launch brought together Independent, Catholic and Government schools. The event witnessed the participation of 40 schools, representing over 42,000 students, and employing a workforce exceeding 6,200 individuals. This vibrant lunchtime forum provided a platform to exchange insights, confront challenges, and explore innovative solutions to address the current Teacher shortage crisis while nurturing a robust education ecosystem.

Speaking to an engaged audience comprising School Principals, Heads of Departments, Business Managers and Career Practitioners. Minister O’Connor expressed his resolute support for the Schools Program through a compelling video message. He remarked;

“AFL SportsReady is critical in this mission to support young people, to follow their passions. By showcasing all the benefits of a career in the vocational sector in a way that young people can actually hear, particularly via social media, you’re supporting them to make the best choice for them.”

AFLSR’s Executive Manager for Education, Andrew Lawlor, lauded the program launch’s success, stating;

“We know Schools are crying out for support – both with workload and bringing through the next generation of Teachers. Rather than just a Higher Ed problem concerned with new Teacher commencement and completions, AFL SportsReady, and the vocational sector, has their own unique pathways that can take effect immediately.”

AFL SportsReady is elated to introduce its Schools Program, an initiative crafted to nurture a pipeline of young talent entering the education industry, to offer essential support for educators, and to alleviate the administrative challenges confronted by Teachers. With a proven track record of achievements, this program has made a profound impact on the lives of young individuals and schools across Australia.

Since its inception in January 2003, the AFL SportsReady Schools Program has achieved remarkable milestones:

Over 3,195 Trainees have successfully completed the program, with 2,056 graduates since January 2013.

An impressive 86% completion rate underscores the program’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

A notable 60% of Trainees choose to pursue further studies at universities, fostering a culture of continuous education.

Remarkably, 30% of program alumni opt to pursue teaching degrees, contributing to the creation of a new generation of educators.

Furthermore, 20% of Trainees secure continued employment within the schools that initially engaged them upon completing their Traineeships.

Empowering Young Careers:

AFL SportsReady’s Supporting Schools across Australia Program offers schools a unique opportunity to nurture the potential of the next generation. By providing young individuals with a solid foundation for their careers. As these Trainees gain practical experience and develop essential skills, they become vital assets in supporting the growth of the education profession.

Extra Support for Teachers:

Recognising the multifaceted challenges faced by educators in delivering an outstanding education. AFL SportsReady’s Supporting Schools across Australia Program extends valuable support to teaching staff. By hosting a Trainee, schools can effectively alleviate Teachers’ workload, allowing them to devote more attention to lesson planning, student engagement, and personalised instruction. The Trainees serve as invaluable resources, working closely with Teachers to elevate the overall learning experience within classrooms.

Alleviating Administrative Burdens:

Administrative tasks can often consume valuable teaching time. AFL SportsReady’s Trainees are specially trained to assist with administrative duties, enabling Teachers to focus on their core responsibilities.

From organising classroom materials to aiding with record-keeping and paperwork. The Trainees significantly reduce the administrative burden faced by educators.

Embrace the Opportunity:

Schools can participate in the AFL SportsReady Supporting Schools across Australia Program in various areas, including sports, administration, arts, IT, and classroom support. By joining this program, schools not only impact the lives of young individuals. But also foster a supportive educational community that encourages career development and holistic student growth.

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