Guided by Dedicated Teachers

Guided by Dedicated Teachers

In a world brimming with uncertainties and choices, Olivia Williams, an 18-year-old high school graduate, found herself at a crossroads. Uncertain about her path ahead, she embarked on a transformative journey through her AFL SportsReady Traineeship, which led her to unexpected opportunities, personal growth, and a profound sense of purpose.

Olivia’s experience at Ashdale Secondary College in Darch, Western Australia has not only shaped her practical and professional skills, but has also opened doors to a world of possibilities she had never imagined.

“I arrived on the first day of my Traineeship a bit nervous…”

Olivia’s post-high school transition was marked by uncertainty, a sentiment many can relate to. As she reflects on her journey, she remembers arriving on the first day of her Traineeship. A mix of nerves and excitement accompanied her as she ventured into uncharted territory. With a blank slate and an eagerness to learn, Olivia quickly realised that this Traineeship was about more than just gaining skills. It was about discovering her passion and identity.

The blend of outdoor education, sports and teaching that Olivia experienced during her Traineeship matched her interests. This unique combination opened doors to a diverse range of experiences that went beyond the confines of a traditional classroom.

Guided by a community of dedicated Teachers, Olivia found herself engaged in a world that not only fuelled her enthusiasm for work but also nurtured her personal growth.

Witnessing the dedication of professionals in the teaching and sports industries, Olivia was inspired to pursue her own passion and drive.

Olivia’s Traineeship provided her with a golden opportunity to explore Outdoor Education. This Traineeship landed her an opportunity to assist Teachers. Assisting with planning and guiding students through outdoor activities not only expanded her skill set but also taught her the value of adaptability and patience.

“My experience has truly been amazing, and honestly, life changing.”

Stepping out of her comfort zone, Olivia confronted challenges that would become catalysts for her personal growth. The journey taught her problem-solving skills, the art of prioritisation and the importance of self-confidence. With each obstacle overcome, her confidence grew. Paving the way for improved communication, leadership and teamwork skills—attributes vital for thriving in any professional setting.

“…and I can genuinely say that this year of my Traineeship has made me the happiest I have ever been.”

Olivia’s Traineeship also marked her academic journey, as she studied for a fully funded Cert IV in Sport and Recreation. This commitment to learning not only kept her mind engaged but also set a solid foundation for her future educational pursuits. As she plans to enter university, the knowledge gained through her Certification remains invaluable. The routine of studying ensures a seamless transition into her higher education goal.

Throughout her Traineeship, Olivia found herself surrounded by mentors from AFL SportsReady who offered consistent guidance and support. This in addition to the collective efforts of her workplace team, nurtured her physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Olivia’s experience showcases the significance of a nurturing environment in fostering personal and professional growth.

As Olivia’s Traineeship journey draws to a close, she reflects on the many lessons, skills, and memories she carries forward. This experience has not only expanded her horizons but has also become a defining stepping stone in her journey. With renewed confidence and a newfound sense of purpose, Olivia is ready to embrace the next chapter of her life.

“It has been a major stepping stone and will undoubtedly shape my future endeavours.”

Olivia’s Schools Program Traineeship stands as a testament to the transformative power of seizing opportunities, embracing challenges and nurturing personal growth. From uncertainty to empowerment, her journey has become an inspiring narrative of self-discovery and resilience. As Olivia steps into the future, the skills, knowledge and memories she has collected during her Traineeship will undoubtedly shape the course of her future endeavours. This story serves as a reminder for other young people navigating the exciting and sometimes daunting, transition from high school to a world of epic possibilities.

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