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School Program

What’s it all about

Get better learning outcomes for your school

Over the past 25 years, AFL SportsReady has worked with over 450 schools across Australia to help deliver better learning outcomes for students. We are focussed on providing ‘gap year’ traineeship opportunities for young Australians.

Schools have always been great supporters of our program, as we provide specialist support services designed to ease the time pressures all teachers face.

In 2018, our school partners provided traineeships to over 200 young people in their sports, business administration, IT, horticulture and performing arts departments. Throughout our history, we have a proven track record in working with schools, achieving excellent results for both teachers and trainees:

  •   87% completed a nationally recognised qualification, while on the job
  •   59% went to university and almost half of those into teaching
  •   22% were employed full time in the school after completing their traineeship

In our traineeship model, AFL SportsReady, is the contractor and the legal employer of the gap-year trainee, taking all responsibility for their pay, leave, superannuation and Work Cover, allowing staff to get on with the real work of developing programs and assisting school students’ learning.

We see this vocational model as a credible pathway into teaching.

Many of our young gap-year trainees take it as an opportunity to test whether they want to pursue a teaching career. The experience is often seen as a ‘gap year’ that serves to sharpen their focus on what they want to do.

For more information on our school program, download your state’s flyer:




Who we work with 

We currently work with over 140 schools across Australia, with many having multiple trainees. Some of our partner schools date back two decades, such as Marcellin College (VIC), Immanuel College (SA) and John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School (WA). Other schools we work with include Thomas Hassall Anglican School (NSW), Somerset College (QLD) and Marist Regional College (TAS).


5 ways to get better learning outcomes for your school

1. Better Experience

Since 1994, we have worked with over 350 schools across Australia, allowing teachers to focus on delivering better outcomes for their students. We have experience in all school sectors including:


2. Better Value

We provide a number of specialist services from the start to the finish of the year, all designed to ease the time pressures all teachers face.

Host employers play a critical role supporting our trainees to make a real contribution in the workplace.

Our typical trainee costs approximately:

3. Better Results
  • 95% of our graduates are employed or continuing their studies, 1 year after completing
  • Our trainees are TWICE as likely to complete, compared to the national average
  • 91% of our partners are satisfied with their experience with us
4. Better Outcomes

School wins – Gap-year trainees often do the everyday tasks that free te4achers to better send their time developing programs and activities. They can assist with administrative tasks and give hands-on support in and out of class, including carnivals, camps, excursions and school functions.


Trainee wins –  The year in a school gives a gap-year trainee a deep insight into what it takes to become a teacher, by giving them intensive and extensive paid practical on-the-job experience matched with a nationally accredited qualification.

5. Better Support

Gap year trainees can work in any school department


  • Coordinate sport carnivals, camps and recreation programs
  • Maintenance of sports and outdoor equipment
  • Assist with the delivery of programs and services


  • General administrative support
  • Co-ordinate record keeping and database management
  • Assist and engage in customer enquiries


  • Preparation and organisation of class materials
  • Manage the material inventory
  • Support exhibitions, displays and productions


  • Maintain gardens, lawns and sporting fields
  • Maintenance of equipment and facilities
  • Plant, prune and fertilize and water trees


  • Resolve technical issues
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Hardware/software installation and inventory
  • Manage audio visual and assist with IT projects



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