Q & A: An interview with former First Nations Trainee, Jarvis Kilgour

Q & A: An interview with former First Nations Trainee, Jarvis Kilgour

Q & A: An interview with former First Nations Trainee, Jarvis Kilgour

Proud First Nations man Jarvis Kilgour, began his traineeship journey with AFL SportsReady (AFLSR) and studied a Cert III in Business at the Department of Jobs Precincts & Regions (DJPR) in the Infrastructure and Sports Economy Team. After completing his traineeship, Jarvis was offered full time employment with the Aboriginal Programs Team at DJPR.

We caught up with Jarvis to get his views on the traineeship program. Here’s what he had to say;

Q. How did you hear about the traineeship?

A. I heard about the Administration Officer traineeship position with the Department of Jobs Precincts & Regions (DJPR) after being unsuccessful for another traineeship within AFL SportsReady. The AFLSR Recruitment Team were very keen to find me employment and it seemed like DJPR was a perfect fit for me.

Q. What did you love most about the traineeship?

A. I was very much administrative support; I was able to process payments for grants, take minutes, sit in on meetings, I have also created a few key documents inside the organisation. I liked the nature of the role and the fact that the work I was doing was mostly to do with the sport industry and making Victoria a better place for all sports, whether that was through Covid-19 grants to help teams recover from the financial struggles or if it was a business case for a new stadium, the whole objective was centered around sport and the development of Victoria.

Q. What are some of the key skills you have learnt?

A. I have learnt a large array of skills while completing my traineeship. I have learnt everything from presentation skills, understanding of computer applications like excel and how to make a work plan. I have also learnt other skills like time management and communication.

Q. What support did you receive as part of your traineeship?

A. I felt very supported throughout my traineeship with AFL SportsReady. As a First Nation’s Trainee I am surrounded by a team of Mentors (Field Officer, First Nations Mentor & Educator). From the beginning with Brett Lee and Keith Smith, then from moving on to Yvonne Hemphill, Matt Hall and Ralph White. I felt that everyone involved just wanted what was best for me and my development. As well as my workplace.

Q. How did you find the study component of the traineeship?

A. I found the study engaging and if I ever got stuck, I found Matt (AFLSR Educator) was a great help and always had time for me or would organise a time for us both to run through things. I underwent a Certificate III in Business which has helped me pursue University studies and go down the road of either Business & Marketing or Business & Project Management.

Q. What would be your advice to someone starting a traineeship?

A. Don’t be scared to ask questions, the people you are working with want to see you succeed and so do the people at AFL SportsReady. So, keeping an open line of communication would be my advice.

Q. What’s next for Jarvis?

A. I am excited to start my new role as a Project Officer within the First Nations Sector. I will also be starting University studies which ties in with my traineeship. I am excited to be able to continue to work and study within the relevant fields, this will help with both my growth in work and education.


DATE: 13/04/2022

AUTHOR: Dakota McCarthy

IMAGE: Jarvis Kilgour