Lauren Winter

Lauren Winter

Lauren Winter

Netball Victoria

Lauren Winter began her traineeship with Netball Victoria in 2014 and graduated earlier this year receving a Certficate III in Sport and Recreation.

For Lauren, the best part about doing a traineeship was stepping straight out of school into an elite sporting organisation & working with a team that valued her contribution. After gaining hands on experience with Netball Victoria Lauren now feels confident she can establish a career in the sporting industry.

Throughout the traineeship Lauren constantly felt supported by the staff at AFL SportsReady and Netball Victoria. She was able to study and work at her own pace and develop  great working relationships with her colleagues, where she felt comfortable to seek advice and feedback when she needed.

Lauren found the traineeship experience rewarding and it also helped her to make strong networks in the sporting industry.

“If I was to give advice to someone contemplating undertaking a traineeship I would tell them that experience is more valuable than anything you read in a book or hear in  a lecture.”

“AFL SportsReady helped me take my first steps in building a career in a very tough industry. To be working in such an elite sporting environment I would have never seen this coming and it is all thanks to doing a traineeship.”