Traineeships: Helping Teachers to Get Better Learning Outcomes

Traineeships: Helping Teachers to Get Better Learning Outcomes

The benefits of taking on a trainee in a school are endless, from freeing up valuable time for staff to giving a young person the opportunity to gain first-hand experience as a teacher. The results are in and trainees in schools work!

Our trainees are twice as likely to complete their traineeship compared to the national average. In 2016, 92% of our 173 school trainees completed the year, with 54% pursuing further studies at university and of the remaining 46% of graduates, over half of them went on to teaching. After gaining extensive experience, knowledge and on-the-job training in a school environment, trainees are encouraged to become teachers and continue in the profession.

AFL SportsReady has worked with over 300 schools across Australia, allowing teachers to focus on delivering better outcomes for their students.

Dave Cracknell, Deputy Principal ICT at St Bede’s College in Melbourne is a strong advocate of school traineeships and supporter of AFL SportsReady.

“We had heard about the program, and the Business Manager talked to me and I was after an extra staff member and he said well I’ve got a program that I’ve heard about that works and involves a trainee coming in for a year and really fulfilling the role of an extra staff member and that’s what has happened here at St Bede’s.”

“They learn in an environment which is pretty huge here, I mean most businesses don’t have the level of the network that we do, and so they get experience in a place that is very different to what they would get at Uni.”

“They get hands-on experience and the guys that work here probably get a great little mention on their resume.” “It’s not fixing things that he does, its promotion of everything from cyber safety, helping with all the tasks we do in the background.”

“Having that extra staff member is invaluable for us. We need someone that can do all this stuff that is also interested. And I think that is the big thing with trainees as well. They don’t need to be experienced; they don’t really need to know the stuff before they come in, we are happy to show them the stuff. They just need to be interested and they need to be reliable.”

“People might think that they might take up your time, like a work experience kid, but it’s not like that at all. They become a part of your team and they contribute.”

“I have as much trust in Hugh, as I do in any of my other staff members, and he has an area of responsibility that he takes charge of.” “So any school that wants to take on someone like this, he is going to be an asset, he is not going to be a liability.”


Gap year trainees often do the everyday tasks that free teachers to better spend their time developing programs and activities. They can assist with administrative tasks and give hands-on support in and out of class, including carnivals, camps, excursions and school functions.


The year in a school gives gap-year trainees a deep insight into what it takes to become a teacher, by giving them intensive and extensive paid practical on-the-job experience matched with a nationally accredited qualification.

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