AFL SportsReady shines at training awards

AFL SportsReady shines at training awards

AFL SportsReady shines at training awards

It’s been an eventful year for AFL SportsReady, as our high achieving trainees and staff members have been recognised in various award ceremonies around the nation, celebrating the Vocational Education and Training sector (VET).

James Montgomery, AFL SportsReady CEO expressed his excitement, as he reflected on a successful 2018, “I am incredibly proud of all our trainee’s achievements this year. On behalf of AFL SportsReady, I want to congratulate all the nominated trainees and winners recognised for their dedication and commitment to their roles”.

“I look forward to following their career successes in the future.” Mr Montgomery stated.

While the entire ‘Class of 2018’ had a rewarding year, below are just a few of the highlights.

In total 13 AFL SportsReady trainees were finalists in their state training awards.


  • Hadi Rezai, AFL Tasmania: Winner of Equity Apprentice and finalist for Trainee of the Year Award
  • Darcy Lake, Launceston PCYC: Finalist for Equity Apprentice/Trainee of the Year Award
  • Brady Watson, East Derwent Primary School: Finalist for Consumer, Building & Occupational Services (CBOS) School-Based Apprentice / Trainee of the Year
  • Kaitlin Hawkins, St Paul’s Catholic Primary School: Winner of the Lance Memorial Award and Finalist for Federal Group Training Trainee of the Year


  • AFL SportsReady – Winner of the Koori Learner Pathways Award (non TAFE) at the 2018 Wurreker Awards
  • Lucy Smeaton, Telstra Australia: Finalist for 2018 Victorian Trainee of the Year


  • Olivia Turner, City Recital Hall: Winner of the 2018 NSW Trainee of the Year Award (Central and Northern Sydney)
  • Jack Patten, Moriah College: Finalist in the 2018 NSW Training Awards
  • Leyla Kaya, AFL NSW/ACT: Finalist in the 2018 NSW Training Awards 


  • Pamela Anderson, AFL SportsReady: Finalist for 2018 SA Trainee of the Year
  • Ashleigh Darrie, Alexandria Council: Finalist for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student of the year.


  • Dylan Copper, Pinjarra High School: Nominee for 2018 WA Trainee of the year
  • Shaquille Morton, Churchlands SHS: Nominee for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year.

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Date: 4th of October 2018

Author: Marissa Pagliarello

Image:  (From right to left) Hadi Rezai, Kaitlin Hawkins, Olivia Turner and Michael Caruso