Young People Bring A Diverse Skill Set To Your School

Young People Bring A Diverse Skill Set To Your School

Jamie Lynn, Lumen Christi Catholic College’s (NSW) Director of Studies and host supervisor to ArtsReady trainee, Riley Otton, believes young people are tremendously adaptable and bring a ‘diverse skill set that has been a fantastic asset to the school.”

“Riley is our Project Based Learning and Creative Arts Trainee at the school. He has a strong knowledge of Maths and Science and is an excellent musician and technician. Riley has the skill and ability to maintain musical instruments and assist with the creation of the projects for our students and he also has knowledge about Solar Electricity Systems which was useful in our Energy & Sustainability project,” he added.

The college has been a supporter of the Traineeship program for over 5 years and currently has 3 trainees at the school, all of whom are past students.

“Having former students as trainees at the school really works. The knowledge of the school and the skills of staff within the school are great assets to the trainees as they move through their study.”

The high level of trainees that come through the School Traineeship program help to alleviate the administrative burden felt by many teachers. Like Riley, trainees are trusted to work independently allowing their supervisors to focus on other areas, like one on one learning.

“Riley is self-motivated and works autonomously. Having Riley as a trainee has not been onerous and the assistance that he provides adds to the experience of the students.

Not only do the trainees fulfil their roles within the College, bring a unique skill set and knowledge to the department, and assist our current students and teachers but the traineeship itself provides employment and a pathway for young people in our community.”

Lumen Christ College firmly believes that AFL SportsReady’s School program works and has seen talented and passionate trainees come through the program year after year.

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IMAGE: Riley Otton and Jamie Lynn