Careers Are Made Through Traineeships

Careers Are Made Through Traineeships

Careers Are Made Through Traineeships

Nick Ashford’s Traineeship at Chisholm Catholic College in WA, provided him with the valuable experience and knowledge he was seeking to help him decide on his career.

“My Traineeship with the college gave me an opportunity to identify that teaching is the right career choice for me before I signed up to a long and expensive University degree in an industry that I might not even enjoy,” said Nick.

“The experience equipped me with skills, knowledge and an understanding of how to thrive in the teaching and education sector. It gave me a taste of the work involved, which I absolutely loved. Not to mention having the ability to work with qualified staff in the field provides the best practical experience for any young person looking at developing their career path goals.” he added.

Nick moved from the country town of Albany to Perth, and at the end of 2015 he took on the Traineeship at Chisolm College at the beginning of 2016.

The Traineeship not only provided him with work experience and a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation, but it also gave him an income so he could transition from moving out of home and living in the city.

“I always knew that whatever I did in my career it had to involve sport of some kind and I always felt inspired by my PE teachers through high school. So, when I saw the Traineeship opportunity as a PE assistant, I couldn’t go past it as it was the perfect way to earn money while learning in the workplace.”

In his role at the college, Nick assisted the teachers in the PE department with classroom activities, outdoor education camps and sporting carnivals. The position allowed Nick to work with designated groups of students in a classroom setting which gave him a real insight into the teaching experience.

“Every day proved to be different and the college immersed me in all different parts of the sporting department to give me a clear view of everything they do.

The tasks and responsibilities I was given increased my critical thinking and problem-solving ability, improved my communication skills and made me more adaptable in managing different situations.

There is no doubt that my Traineeship is the most influential factor in preparing me for my career and developing myself as a person.”

Throughout his journey, Nick always felt supported and nurtured by the staff at the college and felt comfortable to be himself which allowed him to grow and thrive.

“The caring nature of staff at the college created an atmosphere where transitioning from student to workplace felt really comfortable for me and gave me more confidence in my role. I think the same environment would be in most schooling institutions which is why trainees in schools works so well.”

Upon completion of his traineeship at the end of 2016, Nick decided to continue to pursue teaching and applied for a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle.

“I am currently in my second last year of the degree and I am really enjoying the course.

I have also been fortunate enough to continue with part-time employment at Chisholm Catholic College in a similar role to that of my Traineeship, with additional responsibilities aimed at developing my skills as an individual involved in the Sports and Physical Education teaching industry.

Because of my Traineeship, my career path became clear to me. It exposed me to the teaching environment and showed me that this is my calling. That teaching is where I really want to be.”


IMAGE: Nick Ashford