You bring the GTO – we bring the RTO!

To support Group Training Organisations across Australia, our designed-for-GTO Sport and Business courses allow you to offer more traineeships to more students and businesses.

With Certificates III and IV in a variety of Sport and Recreation and Business Courses (eg. Administration, IT, Arts and Retail) we have you covered with industry-leading student completion and satisfaction rates.

Explore how our specialised timetables, training plans, customer service and mentorship can elevate your reach and revenue.

Everything you need to know about expanding your GTO, right here.

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Our Commitment to GTOs

Tailored Training Plans

Your Trainees will benefit from personalised training plans that cater to the specific qualification, occupation, host employer workplace and individual needs of the Apprentice/Trainee.

Flexible Delivery

Compromise less with new delivery schedules that give GTO’s, host employers and students much more flexibility when developing a schedule that suits their work.

Compliance and Quality

Experience smoother operations as we ensure thorough documentation and reporting; securing evidence of active participation and maintaining the integrity of all educational delivery.

Educators and Mentors

Our commitment extends to providing educators and mentors who offer personalised support and guidance to Apprentices/Trainees, GTOs and host employers.

Prioritised Customer Service

National and local customer service and mentorship are prioritised to enhance the Apprentice/Trainee experience and facilitate seamless integration with the GTO model.

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    • Industry Expertise: Benefit from our extensive experience in Sport and Business, ensuring relevant and practical training.
    • Efficient Integration: Our approach is geared towards a smooth integration with the GTO model.
    • Flexibility in Solutions: Recognising the diverse needs of GTOs, we offer flexible solutions to accommodate various requirements.
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    As a Registered Training Organisation (SportsReady Education, RTO ID  22394), AFL SportsReady delivers vocational education ranging from Certificate II through to Certificate IV.

    Focussed on foundation skills, workplace skills, business, administration, sport and recreation, including;

    • BSB20120 – Certificate II in Workplace Skills
      BSB30120 – Certificate III in Business
    • BSB40120 – Certificate IV in Business
    • SIS30115 – Certificate III in Sport & Recreation
    • SIS40421 – Certificate IV in Sport Development
    • SIS40115 – Certificate IV in Sport & Recreation

Ready to elevate your traineeship programs in Sport and Business?
AFL SportsReady is here to be your trusted RTO partner. Contact us today to explore how our tailored timetables, training plans and mentorship can benefit your organisation and Trainees/Apprentices. We look forward to collaborating with you for success!

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