Why trainees in schools work!

Why trainees in schools work!

The benefits of taking on a trainee in a school are endless, from freeing up valuable time for staff to giving a young person the opportunity to gain first-hand experience as a teacher. The results are in and trainees in schools work!

Our trainees are twice as likely to complete their traineeship compared to the national average. In 2016, 92% of our 173 school trainees completed the year, with 54% pursuing further studies at university and of the remaining 46% of graduates, over half of them went on to teaching. After gaining extensive experience, knowledge and on-the-job training in a school environment, trainees are encouraged to become teachers and continue in the profession.

Stephanie Taylor, 19, is completing her traineeship with Thomas Hassall Anglican School in Sydney and explains, ‘It’s important to get hands-on experience and an understanding of what it is like to connect with and teach students. The traineeship helps you appreciate what a working environment is really like.’

Michaela Bailey, 19, completed her traineeship at Kingswood College and was also inspired by the experience.

‘I loved the traineeship so much I didn’t want to leave and was offered a position to continue at Kingswood this year as an Integration Aide while I am studying a Bachelor of Primary Education at Deakin University

‘I just want to say thank you AFL SportsReady for helping me get ahead in my pathway to becoming a teacher,’ she said.

A school traineeship not only benefits the young person, but the school as well making it a win/win for both parties.

Shane Luniss, Director of Sport at Somerset College in QLD, believes that by taking on a trainee, teachers are able to spend their time more effectively focusing on developing programs and activities.

‘Our trainee Kiani was always well prepared and willing to help out my department in any way. Her leadership and initiative enabled me to focus on developing programs for the students, while she managed various administrative tasks. Her commitment to the role earned her the utmost respect from her teaching peers, students and parents,’ he said.

Another current host employer of the program, Mr. David Bennett believes ‘They become an integral part of the team.’

As Head of Senior School at St Margaret’s School in Victoria, his trainee Katie Martin started her traineeship as a Sports Assistant and built an aerobics program for the school from the ground up.

‘She planned all aspects of the program including teaching the routines, training the girls, coordinating the events and even communicating with the students and parents.

The program became incredibly popular throughout the year and after a number of successful events the teams, all trained by Katie, reached the National titles,’ Mr. Bennett added.

Katie was offered a full-time position at the school and still runs her aerobics program as the coach.

The value of taking on a trainee is evident. They not only support the teaching staff they can make a significant contribution to your school and at the same time gain momentum to launch their career in teaching.

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IMAGE: WA trainee Dylan Cooper and his host Paul Galloway at Pinjarra Senior High School.