Gap year trainee takes on the world of sports

Gap year trainee takes on the world of sports

Gap year trainee takes on the world of sports

Go-getter Amanda Pozzobon couldn’t go past a traineeship opportunity with AFL SportsReady to work at the Hawthorn Football Club. Nine years on, she has achieved huge things in the sporting industry, working at the Melbourne Rebels to now Marketing and Communications Executive at Marvel Stadium.

‘I was just about to finish Year 12 and had decided that I was going to take a GAP year before I went back to university to study a degree. I saw the ad for an AFL SportsReady traineeship and thought it would be pretty cool to work in sport, so I applied,’ said Amanda.

Amanda started her traineeship in 2008 with the Hawthorn Football Club as a Community Assistant.

‘My role was diverse, I worked with the Community Department to coordinate players going out to schools and hospitals and running clinics with kids.’

‘One of my highlights was going on a Community camp to Tasmania. I got to help coordinate the 3-day camp where we took the entire team down there to visit schools. Pretty impressive for a 17-year-old’, she laughed.

After her traineeship, the Club offered Amanda part-time employment, allowing her to study an undergraduate degree in Public Relations.

‘I had an interest in the Media and Communications side of things which they recognised, and my role then evolved into working with the Communications and Digital team.’

Upon graduating from her degree, Amanda was offered a job at the Melbourne Rebels where she worked for three years. In this time she began studying her law degree which she is currently completing.

‘The traineeship got my whole career started. If I had just worked in any other job I would not have gained all the skills I still use to this day. Not to mention the incredible business connections I have made along the way which have all lead me to the point I am now.’

Recently Amanda began a new role as Marketing and Communications Executive at Marvel Stadium where she works dealing with all different sports as well as entertainment events. Her dream is to one day work in the American Sporting and Entertainment Industry in a legal role.

‘I would recommend a traineeship to any young person. It’s actually really hard picking what you want to do right after uni, but if you get into one of these jobs at an amazing organisation it actually gives you the chance to be exposed to lots of different aspects of the business. It helps you find out what you like and what you’re good at.’

DATE: 31st of August 2017

AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello

IMAGE: Amanda Pozzobon