University of Technology, Sydney partnership

University of Technology, Sydney partnership

University of Technology, Sydney partnership

It can be hard to combine a passion for sport and study commitments, but a new educational partnership between AFL SportsReady and the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) will give young people and athletes a new pathway into university. 

UTS Business School has become AFL SportsReady’s exclusive educational partner in New South Wales (NSW). The new partnership will allow students who complete approved AFL SportsReady diplomas to transition into the UTS Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Management.

AFL SportsReady is a national not-for-profit company that has facilitated employment and education for young Australians for 20 years. Programs emphasise sport education but also provide general education in business, finance and management for any young person looking to further their education. 

James Montgomery, CEO of AFL SportsReady said, “We are proud to have UTS as our exclusive NSW university partner. We believe this partnership will give our students and trainees further career development options to progress their education and transition into university.”

He also added that “AFL SportsReady works in partnership with the AFL Players Association to prepare AFL Players for life after football. This partnership with UTS enables us to provide players a clear pathway into university and ultimately to a post football career.”

UTS knows that students don’t have the same background or experience when it comes to their education, says Associate Professor in Sports Management Daryl Adair. 

“For high school students coming from a sporting background, it’s easy to let grades slip when they have training and other commitments, and this can affect university applications. The point of this partnership is to provide an alternative pathway for those students, and to continue the rigorous, practice-based education that AFL SportsReady provides,” he says.

Students who complete AFL SportsReady’s Diploma of Sport Development can gain entry into the UTS Bachelor of Management, where they can choose to undertake a major in sport business, tourism or event management.

Completion of the Diploma of Management at AFL SportsReady will provide a pathway for students to enter the UTS Bachelor of Management or Bachelor of Business, where they can tailor their degree to pursue specific interests through a range of majors, sub-majors and electives. Students can have up to 24 credit points approved through their diploma with AFL SportsReady.

“I’m proud that UTS has chosen to partner with AFL SportsReady,” says UTS Sports Development Manager Bronwyn Neeson. “Through our partnership trainees can continue their education and study at UTS. This will open more doors for them and support their future achievements in life.”

ARTICLE: Fiona McNaught
DATE: March 11, 2015
IMAGE: AFL SportsReady CEO, James Montgomery and UTS Sports Development Manager, Bronwyn Neeson