Transforming Schools and Shaping Futures

Transforming Schools and Shaping Futures

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, our Trainees have become assets, showcasing their worth in numerous schools Australia-wide. As schools often operate within tight budgets, the cost-effectiveness of Trainees is a significant advantage.

Moreover, their presence brings a unique blend of contemporary knowledge and valuable tech skills.
In this article, we received feedback from supervisors who have experienced the positive impact of Trainees firsthand. From easing administrative burdens and increasing Teacher-student contact time to inspiring career paths and fostering a growth mindset.

[Somerset College, QLD – Jye Lockett (Trainee) and Candice McKenna (Supervisor)]

Trainees are making a difference in schools and their own futures

1. Paul McCabe, Business Manager, St Francis de Sales College, SA

Our Trainees have proven to be very helpful in taking some of the administrative tasks away from our teaching staff leaving them with more contact time with students.

2. Danielle Caruana, Human Resources Manager, Salesian College, VIC
Incredibly. As young people they have valuable tech skills and contemporary knoweldge.
3. Kyle Robinson, ICT Manager, Mackillop Catholic College, TAS
Trainees are a valuable asset to schools, especially considering that schools often operate within tight budgets. Their cost-effectiveness is a significant advantage. Additionally, there is a certain humility in having Trainees work within educational environments, as they are actively engaged in a learning role within the school setting.
4. Lorrae Sampson, Principal, Nowra Anglican College, NSW
The Trainees work out what they would like to do in their future. We have had three Trainees end up studying teaching as a result of their experience.
5. Leanne Caine, Head of Department – HPE, St Aloysius Catholic College, TAS
They are able to attend excursions, assist in preparing for excursions, assist in the classroom (running activities), helping with carnivals and college events.
6. Candice McKenna, Director of Sport, Somerset College, QLD
Very helpful and best utilised across Junior and Senior school as well as Club and College Sports, initially it takes a while to induct them and train up, but the results are wonderful.
7. Tracey Kermond, HR Manager, Cabra Dominican College, SA
Secure, safe, collegial, growth mindset working environment.  The opportunity to move from student to professional in an educational setting. Growing into an adult position, relating to teachers as colleagues and learning how to conduct themselves as a professional around students.  This can be challenging as they are usually just out of school themselves.
8. Sandy Clarke, HPE Teacher, St Cuthbert’s Catholic School, TAS
Often the Trainee is employed the following year as an aide in the classroom. Many go onto University to study teaching and are part time aides at the same time. It is getting that foot in the door through the Schools Program that is the major benefit.

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