Traineeships, Your Ticket to Dream

Traineeships, Your Ticket to Dream

Traineeships, Your Ticket to Dream

At 20, former ArtsReady trainee Gabrielle Snell is paving an exciting career path in the Arts and Creative industries. After completing her traineeship, she was offered the role of Event Coordinator with her host employer, Siena College.

“Without my ArtsReady traineeship I would not be here. Actually I don’t think I would be in the industry I am in today. Thanks to my traineeship I found my passion in life,” said Gabrielle.

Event management was never a clear goal of Gabrielle’s however after exploring the field in her traineeship, she discovered this was an area she loved.

“A traineeship allows you to experience so many different aspects of the industry, so although you may be interested in one area you may find you enjoy many others.”

Gabrielle began her traineeship as an Arts and Technology Technician at Siena College (Victoria) in 2017, while studying a Certificate III in Business.

“I didn’t finish high school with the best results because most of my subjects were in the Arts field and although I did well in each subject, they were scaled down in the exams.” 

“My aunty mentioned that a traineeship could be the way to go. It would allow me to receive a qualification whilst being employed and gain work experience in the Arts industry giving me the foundations I would need to kickstart my career.”

Gabrielle spoke with AFL SportsReady Field Officer, Lauren Ferguson, and looked into the program. There were three traineeships on offer; one being at Siena College.

“When I met the Principal and HR manager at Siena College, I was overwhelmed with happiness. They were so warm, welcoming and kind, making me feel like this was more than a school, almost a family. I knew this was where I wanted to work.”

In her role, Gabrielle managed the budget in the Arts and Technology department, arranged tools and materials for classes and even assisted in organising classes.

“I was given many opportunities in my traineeship, one of my highlights was helping out at the annual Art Exhibition. I planned the event three months in advance and organised everything from catering to set up. It was an honour to watch it all come together. This is where I realised I had a love for events.”

Gabrielle diligently completed her Certificate III in Business in just seven months, enjoying her traineeship so much that she was eager to take on a second qualification. Siena College were more than happy to accommodate Gabrielle and extended her traineeship until December 2018 so she could undertake a Certificate IV in Business.

 “The great support I had and the amazing work environment I was in, really motivated me to continue on with a second traineeship. My AFL SportsReady Field Officer was extremely supportive and helped me when I needed it most.”

Not surprisingly, after graduating from her traineeship, Gabrielle was offered full-time work at Siena College. However, another position opened up as Events Coordinator and Gabrielle decided to take a chance and apply for this new role.

“I had never been that nervous in my life. The Events Coordinator role was open to people with university degrees, and I didn’t have that. I applied but wasn’t confident I would get the position, but I was happy because it was a learning experience.”

To Gabrielle’s astonishment, she got the job and is currently two weeks into her new role; loving every minute of it.

“I couldn’t believe I achieved this. It was a dream come true to get this role. It is so much fun, I am meeting amazing people, I am involved in running events and challenging myself every day.”

Gabrielle’s advice to anyone thinking of taking on a traineeship, “Say yes, be open to this opportunity, this could essentially be your ticket to your dream role. Or maybe you don’t know what your dream job is like me, but thanks to my traineeship, I found it.”

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Date: 7th of March 2019

Image: Gabrielle Snell

Author: Marissa Pagliarello