Traineeships help you find your way

Traineeships help you find your way

Tori Gibb was like most school leavers unsure of what to do next. So she jumped online and starting looking at her options. She stumbled upon traineeships and soon found out that she could get paid to work and study, and started applying for jobs.

‘I liked the idea of working Monday through to Friday and getting paid to work as well,’ she laughed.

Her traineeship journey started on reception at SEN 1116, where she completed a Certificate III in Business and developed her administration skills. When she finished, her Field Officer, Peter Filandia, suggested she undertake a second traineeship and build on her qualifications with a Certificate IV in Business.

‘It’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made because I got offered a job at the MCG working in the MCC department,’ she said.

‘I love sport and where better to work than at the MCG. It’s been a very different experience to my first traineeship and I have grown in confidence and learned a lot about customer service and business administration,’ she added.

No two days are ever the same when working at the MCC and this is what makes the role challenging and exciting for Tori.

‘You’ll either be on the front counter or you will be on the phones answering customer enquiries. It’s nice to know that every day is going to be different. Some days I’ll be tending to MCC or MCG member enquiries and the next day I will be helping out in the ticketing department. I get to do quite a lot of different things which has helped me grow and improve as an employee.’

Aside from the on-the-job training, trainees complete a nationally recognised qualification delivered by an AFL SportsReady educator.

‘I learn better on the job than in the classroom. But the great thing about a traineeship is you get an education and work experience. I have an educator that comes and visits me once a month. They’re always there 24/7 so if I need help I just have to email them or call them. The MCC also gives me time to complete the course work on the job. The course materials are a great resource and I often refer to them in my role.’

Tori is hoping to gain employment at the Melbourne Cricket Club after completing her traineeship in the middle of next year. One thing’s for sure, she has found her passion for the sports industry thanks to her traineeships with AFL SportsReady.

‘I wouldn’t be where I am today without my traineeship. AFL SportsReady has helped me a lot since leaving school because I didn’t know what I wanted to do and now I do.’