Trainees becoming part of MCC history

Trainees becoming part of MCC history

Trainees becoming part of MCC history

AFL SportsReady trainees are a good fit for one of Australia’s biggest sporting clubs in the world, Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC).

‘The MCC has had AFL SportsReady trainees for certainly the 11 years that I have been working here and a long time before that,’
said Edwina Emery, Employee Services Manager at the Melbourne Cricket Club.

‘I guess the association with sport and AFL being our biggest hirer of the ground makes it for a good match,’ she went on to say.

‘Working with AFL SportsReady is always a great experience. A number of the trainees have been offered full-time employment once they have finished and many have moved into new opportunities within the MCC and now work in management positions,’ she explained.

The MCC take on trainees to provide them with the opportunity to work alongside experienced people and to get an understanding of what it’s like to work in the business world.

‘They get exposure to a working environment that is very real. They have to abide by the rules and regulations of an employer but equally they are learning alongside people that have got a lot of experience. They are working in an area of the MCG which everyone says is a sporting mecca,’ she said.

The traineeship experience is not only beneficial to the young person looking to start their career but as Edwina explains, the staff find the program beneficial for their own professional development.

‘Staff benefit from having a trainee in the workplace. The experienced staff get to impart their knowledge and their experiences and boosts their confidence as well as being able to assist in growing a new young person into a role. They also get some management experience as well,’ she said.

When asked how beneficial a traineeship is to a young person’s career, Edwina explains that they are invaluable.

‘It moves people from a school environment to a work environment. It gives them an opportunity to learn some new skills. Its shows young people how the workforce works. I know a lot of trainees have probably had casual or part-time jobs during their last few year of school but this is the real thing.’


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