Traineeships give you the edge in the sporting industry

Traineeships give you the edge in the sporting industry

Traineeships give you the edge in the sporting industry

Past trainee, Dylan Roberts, has thanked AFL SportsReady for helping him achieve his career goals in the sporting industry after being offered a job at the Western Bulldogs Football Club.

‘The main reason I did a traineeship was to get industry experience and a foot in the door and that’s exactly what has happened,’ Dylan said.

Completing his traineeship with Melbourne University Sport and Certificate II in Sport and Recreation in 2014, Dylan was encouraged to stay on as Administration Assistant.

‘I have always loved sports and the sporting industry so when I saw this traineeship opportunity with Melbourne University I knew I would be crazy not to take it,’ he laughed.

‘I loved the experience from start to finish. The traineeship gave me direction, it guided me and helped me to gain all the skills I needed for my future career aspirations.’ Dylan added.

Traineeships are designed to not only equip young people with all the right skills for the field they want to launch a career in, it provides trainees with industry experience which is vital to their success.

‘Most industries require practical experience, especially when it is as competitive as the sporting industry. I think that’s why traineeships are so important and so beneficial because if I didn’t do one I wouldn’t have the knowledge or skill I do now,’ he explained.

After almost two years with Melbourne University Sport, Dylan has been offered a role at the Western Bulldogs Football club as Membership Services Administrator.

‘Once you get your foot in the door of the sporting industry, you’re in. Now I’m going to work for the Western Bulldogs Football club which is another dream come true. A dream that would not have been achieved if it wasn’t for my traineeship.’

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