Trainee Takes On The Wedding Singer As Roles Change Amid COVID-19

Trainee Takes On The Wedding Singer As Roles Change Amid COVID-19

Trainee Takes On The Wedding Singer As Roles Change Amid COVID-19

The impact of the COVID-19 situation was felt by many of our trainees across the country but the support from our host employers has been second to none. Hellyer College in Tasmania ensured their Sport and Recreation trainee, Proud Aboriginal Woman, Taylor Rand, had an essential part to play at the school despite her role as Gym trainee being affected.

“The school have been super supportive of me through this time, they have provided me with other work to do to make sure that my employment was secured throughout all the uncertainty,” said Taylor.

 “They have also allowed me to develop new skills and take part in online modules,” she added.

Taylor’s role was affected in two ways. In her traineeship she was responsible for assisting the Health and Physical Education staff in preparing excursions, Outdoor Ed camps, PE classes and also helping staff with administration work. However, with the lockdown restrictions in place, camps, excursions and classes were put on hold.

Taylor is also a Type 1 Diabetic and at higher risk from COVID-19, so she had to begin working from home immediately and was  unable to make any physical contact with students and staff.

“Working from home and online has been a lot easier than I anticipated and I have had lots of things to do including helping to choregraph the school production, ‘The Wedding Singer’ based on the Adam Sandler movie.”

Musical Theatre is something Taylor has always been passionate about, so when the school asked her to help choregraph alongside the Musical Theatre teacher, Ms Zoe Lucas, she was jumping for joy.

“We have been learning dances and singing via online videocalls which has been so much fun.

The students are really committed to learning the dances and plan to put on a show later in the year. Zoe and I have been having meetings over facetime to choreograph together and plan how we will approach teaching.

We tag team teaching with the class and also post videos of the dances online  so that the students can learn in their own time as well.”

As well as exploring her musical side, the school have also given Taylor the opportunity to complete additional online learning to aid in her professional development.

“The school also sent me some online modules that I could complete. So far, I have completed introductory certificates in autism, visual support, infection control, understanding sensory processing and how to become a teacher aid. These modules have taught me lot and have broadened my knowledge on each of these topics.”

Taylor is uncertain when things will go back to normal but for the time being, she is loving her new role at the school and is learning as many new skills as she can.

“The school have gone above and beyond in making sure that not only I am safe at home with my family, but they have given me exciting work to do and interesting courses to complete. They have been amazing and have really made me see I am a valuable part of the school.”

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DATE: MAY 21ST 2020

AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello

IMAGE: Taylor taking on the virtual world