Trainee embarks on life-changing journey

Trainee embarks on life-changing journey

Trainee embarks on life-changing journey

Imagine sailing the seas on a ship that looked like something straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean, well that’s exactly what Tasmanian trainee Lisa Guerin decided to do and she says it was the best experience of her life.

The ambitious 17 year old wanted to give herself a challenge, so she took up the offer to be a part of the Youth Development Training Voyage which saw 18 young students sail from Hobart to Strahan on the famous traditional tall ship, the Windeward bound.

‘Seeing pictures of the ship and reading about other people’s experience aboard made me so keen to give it a go and do something i had never ever thought of doing,’ Lisa said.

‘We got to see some of the most beautiful places in Tasmania, learnt the ins and outs of the ship and made unforgettable friendships and all in eight days.

‘We saw dolphins, seals and fish that would literally jump out of the water

‘One night there were glow in the dark cuttlefish surrounding the boat which was magical.’

For Lisa, the voyage was also a confidence building experience allowing her to step out of her comfort zone and discover new qualities about herself. She also overcame her fear of heights after climbing up the rigging on the side of the ship.

‘One of the many things I learnt is that I am willing to take a risk and that I am a lot braver then I thought I was.

I persevered through feeling homesick and seasickness and came out the other side stronger and very proud of myself.

I uncovered a new found confidence in me that will help me through life.’

After her voyage Lisa and fellow student and crew member Josh Pursell were guest speakers at the Tasmanian Hospitality Association Trust Foundation function with over 150 people in attendance including CEOs and directors.

‘This was a huge experience for me, I was nervous but I felt like everyone was really engaged and interested in what I had to say and that was a really significant moment in my life.’

Lisa is completing a traineeship at Horticulture and Landscape supplies while studying a Certificate III in Business which she is due to complete at the end of this year.

‘I’m not sure what I will do once I have finished my traineeship but one thing I know for sure is that these experiences have helped me step out of my comfort zone.

‘And now I have the confidence and drive to keep getting involved in amazing opportunities like these and because of this I will continue to grow.’

This dream couldn’t have been possible for Lisa and Josh without the help of their school, the Jordan River Learning Foundation, AFL SportsReady and other organisations.

DATE: 5th of July 2017 

IMAGE: Lisa Guerin onboard the Windeward Bound

AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello