Traded Uni for a Traineeship

Traded Uni for a Traineeship

In the world of Australian Rules Football, Sapphire Noyle picked up her pace, carving out a niche in sports administration during her role as an AFL SportsReady Membership Trainee. Sapphire’s traineeship journey reflects the twists and turns of working towards one’s passion and maximising opportunities along the way.

After graduating in 2022 with aspirations of studying Business with a focus on Sports Management, Sapphire soon realised that the traditional university path wasn’t aligned with her interests. Instead, she took a chance and applied for a traineeship at Melbourne Football Club, a decision that led her towards a fulfilling career in the AFL industry.

While her departure from university initially raised eyebrows, Sapphire’s parents supported her pursuit of hands-on experience and qualifications through the traineeship. With their backing, Sapphire embraced the traineeship opportunity wholeheartedly. Knowing she was taking proactive steps towards fulfilling her ideal career in sports administration.

My parents were not thrilled about me dropping out of Uni,

however they were happy that I would be getting a qualification through the traineeship and earning while working full time.

They were also happy for me that I was getting an opportunity to work in the AFL industry – It is what I wanted to get into through Uni and where I wanted go anyway!

Within the Melbourne Football Club, Sapphire thrives in her role. Handling a range of tasks from managing communications to ensuring game day operations run smoothly. Despite the challenges, the teamwork among her colleagues and the sense of purpose keep Sapphire motivated every day.

The workplace is really great and I am a part of an awesome team.

We are are around similar ages, so we all get along really well and being a work is a great environment – we are all on the same page.

The club has provided Sapphire with invaluable opportunities, from participating in game day rituals like the Guard of Honour to collaborating closely with the AFLW team. These experiences have broadened her professional horizons and solidified her sense of belonging within the club.

The game days are a huge highlight, we get to be in the rooms after the game when the players sing their song. Being at the game days after a really challenging week at work… and then getting to game day and the team wins – it makes it all worth it.

As the Club’s membership continues to grow, Sapphire remains an integral part of the team’s success story. The thrill of game days, coupled with the supportive environment among her colleagues, reinforces Sapphire’s passion for her work.

Reflecting on her traineeship journey, Sapphire emphasises the practical benefits of traineeships, which offer valuable skills and networking opportunities.

For her, it’s not just about adding a job to her resume.

It’s about forging meaningful connections and paving the way for future endeavours.

A traineeship is a great experience and it is something you can add to your resume. If your traineeship is in an industry like the AFL Industry, you can get your foot in the door and get a lot of opportunities to network.

As Sapphire continues to navigate all the things sports administration, her story is a great inspiration for young professionals seeking a start or alternative career paths. With determination and passion, Sapphire is taking on the AFL industry, one opportunity at a time.

[Photos with fellow AFL SportsReady Trainee Christian Aparo]

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