Take part in #TARGET1000

Take part in #TARGET1000

Take part in #TARGET1000

AFL SportsReady launched the #TARGET1000 campaign at the 20 year anniversary lunch and has set down the challenge of giving 1000 young people an employment opportunity over the next 12 months

across Australia and we want you to be part of achieving that goal.

We have already received tremendous support of businesses and organisations across Australia with the AFL industry committing over 150 position across Australia, Australia Post are about to appoint 21 positions and the ANZ 40 positions. Schools across Australia have also signed up to take on over 100 positions, and the list goes on.

Why #TARGET1000 is so important

  • Quality workplace experience and the right job training are crucial in developing a young person’s employment skills. Traineeships are the ideal way to breakthrough into the world of work and make a real go of it.
  • Through quality apprenticeships, traineeships and education, we are developing the next generation of leaders.
  • We want young people to prosper in today’s workplace and it’s only by being part of the workforce that they will gain the skills and experiences that will stand them in good stead for the future.
  • We want businesses to be even more successful and believe that investing in a young person can really help companies achieve their goals.
  • What young people get out of a traineeship?
  • Young people are challenged to gain the skills they need to be a success in today’s employment market.
  • Young people get to experience what it’s really like to get the job done, be part of a team and make a difference.
  • Young people gain confidence and know how, and see how they can value add in the workplace

How to play your part

There are many ways you can play a part in #TARGET1000. Below is a number of options to support this campaign and assist us in providing a better future for young Australians.

  • Get in touch about taking on a trainee
  • Let us come and talk with you or your other partners about #TARGET1000
  • Promote this campaign through your social media channels, websites or e-marketing
  • Enquire about business partnership opportunities
  • Refer other companies/organisations to get involved and take on a trainee
  • Use the hashtag #TARGET1000 to share your experience and story of hosting a trainee
  • Give us a call on (03) 8413 3500 to find out more or click here to download our flyer and mark how you will support this campaign.