Shani Blyth

Shani Blyth

Shani Blyth


Phillip Island Nature Park


“The traineeship was such a great opportunity to get exposure to the workplace. I was able to earn my VCE in addition to completing the traineeship so by the time I finished school I was ahead of the game.”

“I learn more out in the field, rather than the classroom, so the traineeship has been ideal.“

“Its been a great experience, I’ve been places that I never dreamed of going.” 

“The penguin handling has been the highlight of the traineeship so far. I wasn’t allowed to wear gloves and it took me around 10minutes to build up the courage to pick the penguin up, but once I did it was fine.” 

“I know now that I am set for an outdoors career. The hands-on wildlife experience is where I see my future.” 

“It’s been a great experience. I wasn’t really that keen on going to university, so it have been the best of both worlds.”