Pathways for Secondary Students

Pathways for Secondary Students

We offer a range of school pathways for secondary students, providing unique career development opportunities and hands-on experience in the AFL industry. Our programs build essential skills, offer industry insights, and help students connect with professionals in their chosen fields.

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This guide provides detailed information on all our offerings, helping you make informed decisions about your education and career pathways.

Our Programs:

VET Delivered to Secondary Students (VDSS)
VDSS integrates vocational education into the senior secondary school curriculum. Students develop practical skills that align with their career goals. These courses count as subjects in VCE and VCE VM, contributing to ATAR and offering pathways through from Certificate III to bachelor’s degrees. This program ensures flexibility and relevance in education, preparing students for future success.

School-Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships (SBATs)
SBATs combine secondary education with hands-on work experience. Students spend at least one day per week in the workplace, gaining real-world experience and earning a wage. This program offers a nationally recognized qualification that counts towards VCE, VCE VM, or the Victorian Pathways Certificate. SBATs blend academic learning and practical training, ensuring students are well-prepared for the workforce.

Post-School Traineeships
For students who have completed secondary school, our post-school traineeships offer full-time work combined with study in various roles. Trainees gain practical experience and formal qualifications, supported by dedicated mentors. This ensures a smooth transition from education to meaningful employment, helping students build a solid foundation for their careers. You can learn more about traineeships here.

AFL Short Courses
These non-accredited courses target AFL/AFLW players, club staff, coaches, and the general public. They provide career development insights within the AFL industry, delivered by seasoned professionals, and offer valuable networking opportunities. These courses help participants stay current with industry trends and enhance their professional skills. You can see the current course offerings here


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