Ricardo Rolls Through Traineeship

Ricardo Rolls Through Traineeship

Ricardo Provenzale is a Trainee at the Dandenong Club (Lawn Bowls Club) and anticipates completing his traineeship with his Certificate III in Business in just a few months! As he approaches the end of this chapter in his career, he finds himself contemplating his next steps.
While he’s not entirely certain about his future direction, one option he’s seriously considering is returning to university to pursue a degree in Urban Planning. A second traineeship in another industry may also be on the cards. 

Ricardo kickstarted his career journey with a traineeship at the Dandenong Club, where he’s been employed for almost 12 months. As he looks ahead to completing this phase of his career, he stands at a crossroads, contemplating his new patch of green. His story represents the aspirations and uncertainties that many young professionals face as they make important decisions about their future.

In a recent conversation with Ricardo, we gained insights into the evolving nature of his work. Ricardo mentioned that his work schedule had shifted, with Saturdays becoming one of his primary working days while having Mondays off allows him to dedicate more time to his studies.

During our conversation, Ricardo bowled us over with the reasons behind his decision to pursue a traineeship initially. He revealed that university hadn’t quite lived up to his expectations, as he found online learning and pre-recorded lectures to be less social and engaging than he had hoped for.

This experience led him to explore a traineeship, allowing him to gain paid practical experience while still rolling towards a fully funded qualification.

As Ricardo approaches the end of his traineeship, he remains optimistic about his future. While the details may be uncertain, he’s considering various options, including the possibility of returning to university to pursue a degree. Another option is having a shot at another traineeship in a completely different working environment to further explore ideas and gain more skills.

In his current role at the Dandenong Club, Ricardo wears many hats. His responsibilities roll from retail duties to website management, online shop management, and stocktake and he even dabbles in Facebook marketing and event organisation. He shared insights into the challenges of his position, particularly when he first started and had limited experience with lawn bowls.

“Yeah, I definitely had to ask a lot of questions. But they made me comfortable to ask questions.”

Nevertheless, Ricardo’s willingness to ask questions and learn has helped him excel in his role, earning the trust of both colleagues and club members. He also emphasised the importance of maintaining relationships with club members. Who often seek his assistance with their purchases and organising events. These connections enhance the overall social atmosphere at the club, where regular patrons appreciate the personalised, friendly service Ricardo and his workmates provide.

He has felt supported on his traineeship journey:

“I definitely feel like if I need something, I can reach out to my Fieldie or Educator if I need help with anything.”

Ricardo’s journey is a testament to the opportunities that traineeships can offer young professionals seeking both practical experience and qualifications. As he considers his next move, Ricardo’s experiences and aspirations remind us of the path to a fulfilling career. Which often involves twists, turns and exploring new directions that can lead to exciting opportunities.
As he nears the completion of his traineeship. We wish Ricardo all the best in his pursuit of a degree or another certificate and whatever other exciting adventures lie ahead.

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