My Journey with Rossmoyne Senior High

My Journey with Rossmoyne Senior High

As the end of my high school journey approached, all I craved was a well-deserved break from the relentless world of textbooks and exams. Little did I know that an opportunity through AFL SportsReady would offer me a unique blend of relaxation and skill development. Ultimately leading to the attainment of a Certificate 4 in Sport and Recreation.

“By the end of year 12, really all I wanted was a break from studying. Completing a traineeship through AFL SportsReady has allowed me to enjoy a break from full-time study but still gain a qualification.”

The sports and recreation industry has long been a passion of mine, and this traineeship allowed me to delve deep into its intricacies and procedures.

“Through my traineeship I went back to my high school to work, helping as a PE assistant.”

Returning to my school, Rossmoyne Senior High School, was a nostalgic experience. This time, however, I was not just a student but a PE assistant. A role that has opened doors to new adventures and memorable moments. Over the past few months, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with the dedicated Outdoor Education staff. Embarking on so many thrilling journeys like snorkelling expeditions at Rottnest and treks through remote areas. Also, heart-pounding mountain biking excursions!

One of the most rewarding aspects of my time as a PE assistant has been the opportunity to forge meaningful connections with both the staff and students at Rossmoyne. Through these interactions, I’ve not only grown as a professional but as an individual. The bonds formed have enriched my experience in ways I couldn’t have imagined when I first started.

What makes this traineeship truly special is the chance it affords me to slow down and savour this transitional year.

While I may have stepped away from the traditional classroom setting, the wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience I’ve gained is immeasurable. My time with Rossmoyne Senior High School has not only provided me with a break from full-time study but has also reignited my passion for the world of sports and recreation.

My traineeship has been an incredible adventure filled with personal growth, exciting escapades and invaluable learning experiences. I can’t wait for future opportunities now that I’m armed with both a Certificate 4 in Sport and Recreation and cherished memories of my time at Rossmoyne Senior High.

This journey has not only allowed me to take a breath but has also propelled me forward into the world of sports and recreation with newfound passion and a heap of knowledge.

– Jemah Kelly

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