Out of School and Searching for Direction

Out of School and Searching for Direction

Georgia Taylor, a proud Kamilaroi woman, embarked on a career journey through her traineeship with AFL SportsReady at ANZ. In this article, we delve into Georgia’s remarkable experience, how it shaped her career and the valuable lessons she learned along the way.
In 2019, Georgia was six months out of school and searching for direction. She decided to apply for a full-time role with AFL SportsReady.

Little did she know that this decision to take on a traineeship would alter the course of her life in a big way.

ANZ, Georgia’s host employer, played a pivotal role in her journey. The organisation not only embraced her as a Trainee but also actively encouraged her to excel. Now, four years later, Georgia is still part of the ANZ family, a testament to the growth opportunities she found within the workplace.

Studying business as the educational component of the traineeship was a new challenge. Yet, she found the content remarkably accessible and really practical.

One of the highlights of Georgia’s traineeship was the people she had the privilege to meet, such as Glen Ella and Anna Booth. However, her journey was uniquely challenging as it unfolded around the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, her resilience and unwavering commitment to personal growth remained unshaken.

Georgia’s traineeship served as a catalyst for her personal and professional development. It propelled her from a shy and apprehensive individual to a confident and proactive professional who willingly embraces challenges. Her journey ultimately led her to her current role as a Senior Banking Consultant (assistant manager) at ANZ, where she continues to grow and thrive.

Georgia offers key advice to young individuals fresh out of high school:

Embrace the journey of self-discovery and don’t be afraid to try new things.

The pursuit of happiness should take precedence over the quest for the “perfect” career path.

Georgia firmly believes that a traineeship is an exceptional opportunity to enter the workforce and explore interests. She credits her traineeship for her current achievement and acknowledges that without it, her journey would have taken a completely different course.

As Georgia celebrates her fourth anniversary at ANZ, she has her sights set on the future. Her determination drives her to aim for a Branch Manager or Home Lending Specialist role, highlighting the boundless potential that lies ahead in her career journey.

Georgia’s journey serves as an inspiration to young individuals embarking on their career paths. Emphasising the importance of seizing opportunities and embracing growth, even in the face of uncertainty.

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