On the Job Work Experience for the Win

On the Job Work Experience for the Win

Ezel “Ezzy” Duyar, a Sport Trainee, has been recognised as AFL SportsReady’s Trainee of the Year for Victoria. Fresh out of high school and a former student of Cranbourne Secondary College, Ezel began her traineeship right after graduating in 2022. With no prior work experience, she approached her new role with a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

Encouraged by her supervisor, Ben Clements, who believed she would excel in the position, Ezel pretty much secured the traineeship on the same day she interviewed for it. Reflecting on her journey, she shared,

“Everyone in the Health and PE department made me feel so welcome. This place feels like a second home to me and the team has really helped shape who I am today.”

In her first year, Ezzy managed various sports activities at the school. This year, she has taken on the massive responsibility of overseeing the Academy.

“It’s like a family here,” she said. “We all support each other whenever we need to.”

One key moment in her traineeship was when she had to independently run a sports day event. Lauren, one of the coordinators, couldn’t attend, leaving Ez to manage the day completely on her own.

“If you had asked me at the start of that year if I could do that, I would have said no,” Ezel recalled.

“But my confidence has grown so much. That was definitely a moment where I felt proud of myself.”

Ezel credits much of her success to the support from her field officer, Yvonne.

“Yvonne has been amazing,” Ez said.

“She always helped me whenever I faced a problem and the support I received definitely contributed to my success.”

Ben Clements praised Ezel’s contributions, saying;

“Ezel has been an amazing addition to our Sport and HPE team. She has grown so much and continuously helped our team improve our processes. She seamlessly organised training sessions and created a positive work environment for staff, which improved student participation in sports.”

Throughout her traineeship, Ezel’s problem-solving skills and confidence have significantly improved. She has become proficient in organising events, managing communications and building relationships with stakeholders.

Her efforts led to the creation of a new basketball academy in partnership with Casey Basketball Association. These initiatives have earned her the role of Academy Support Person for 2024.

“Ezel has helped create partnerships that will benefit our students immensely,”

Ben noted. “Her work with local fitness industries has also provided free fitness sessions for students, which is a fantastic resource.”

Looking back, Ez is totally grateful for her traineeship experience.

“If I could go back in time, I would 100% do a traineeship again. Especially knowing the experience I’ve had, I would do it all over again,”

– she said.

Ezel Duyar’s journey from a high school graduate to AFL SportsReady’s Trainee of the Year for Victoria showcases the impact of opportunity, support and personal growth.
Her story is a total inspiration to young individuals considering a traineeship and highlights the significant benefits such programs can have on both personal and professional development.

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