How Trainees Are Thriving During Lockdown – David Yaccob WA

How Trainees Are Thriving During Lockdown – David Yaccob WA

How Trainees Are Thriving During Lockdown – David Yaccob WA


Traineeship: Certificate Sport & Rec at Pinjarra Senior High School.

How has lockdown changed your traineeship?

Lockdown through this situation has had an impact on my traineeship, as myself and other trainees went into full-time studying from home. Which meant we weren’t able to go to our workplace for a number of weeks. Full-time study changed our whole traineeship as we went from a few hours of study per week to studying each day. We also now connect through ‘zoom’ sessions twice a week to touch base on our assignments and the talk through updates about the COVID-19 situation which was quite interesting as I’ve never experienced online video teaching with other people.

How are you doing in your traineeship and through this lockdown period?

Having full-time study and the two zoom sessions per week with my field officer Bianca and other trainees definitely kept myself busy and occupied. Thankfully my workplace – Pinjarra senior high school was able to re-open up at the start of term two which meant I was able to go back to work and get myself into my routine. While I wasn’t studying and not at work, I was keeping my fitness levels up for my football while still fitting in time to play some PS4.

What are you most looking forward to as restrictions ease?

With the restrictions hopefully easing within the next few weeks I am hoping for my football to be allowed to return as I’m missing training and playing on weekends with my mates at Peel Thunder. I’m also excited about the whole restriction process to ease so that all places can reopen so I can go catch up with mates somewhere and enjoy each other’s company.

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