Health Services Traineeships Empowering Indigenous People

Health Services Traineeships Empowering Indigenous People

Health Services Traineeships Empowering Indigenous People

Congratulations to Renee Nutter who has finished her Certificate III Business traineeship with ‘Goondir Health Services’ located in Dalby- QLD.

The opportunities with Goondir Health Services are thanks to AFL SportsReady’s long-standing partnership with Arrow Energy that has placed multiple Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in community organisations across southern Queensland.

Jodie Bond, Human Resource Manager, was supervising Renee during her placement and Paul Penumala, Executive for Strategy and Planning at Goondir, has played a big part in supporting Renee, a mother of two children and proud Kamilaroi woman who grew up in Dalby.

“Renee has played an integral role in supporting cultural events and programs such as NAIDOC and the Big Buddy Program which empowers Indigenous Youth to achieve their full potential through Social Interaction, Mentorship, Promoting Life skills and Education,”  Mr Penumala said.

“Renee felt inspired working with us and alongside community and can really see herself working confidently in a business setting like this for her future.  

She has added value to the organisation, contributing in her own positive way and connecting with the local community. 

Renee is the first trainee with AFL SportsReady I have been fully engaged with and it’s remarkable to witness her journey and to see her grow not just as a trainee but as a leader.”

In her role as a Branch Support Officer, Renee was involved in many projects within the organisation, and has shown great initiative in everything she does.

  “Renee has always been proactive throughout her traineeship and has an eagerness to work and work hard. She was always seeking new tasks and projects and loves a challenging environment. 

  She took on exciting responsibilities within the organisation, such as helping to manage events such as the Big buddy program and the Fun Run. She not only worked behind the scenes, but she worked on the frontline as well.  

  She constantly wanted to learn, and wasn’t afraid to ask questions.”

Paul says there are plenty of opportunities for Indigenous young people to work in community, and traineeships are the perfect way to make this happen. These opportunities that Arrow Energy is providing with local organisations are a terrific pathway for our leaders of tomorrow.

“There is so much more work to do especially in the health sector and there are so many talented and passionate young Indigenous people who would love the opportunity to get involved. Traineeships give them that opportunity and from it, you have a cohort of skilled and experienced people who are ready to make real changes in the lives of others and in the community as a whole,” he said. 

AFL SportsReady is excited to announce that Arrow Energy now has a further two traineeships with Goondir Health Services.

To find out more about the traineeship program click here.

DATE: 1st of April 2021

IMAGE: Renee Nutter