Grad scores conversion to full time Rugby role

Grad scores conversion to full time Rugby role

Grad scores conversion to full time Rugby role

Thanks to her traineeship, sport lover Danielle Mace was able to break into the industry and thrive at two major National Rugby League sporting clubs.

‘I completed my traineeship with Parramatta Eeels in 2015 along with a Certificate III in Business. I was then offered full time employment as Membership Manager for the club which was unreal,’ said Danielle.

‘I then moved to the Wests Tigers and took on the position of Football Operations Assistant which I am still doing now. I provide support and assistance to the General Manager of Football, Coaching staff and players in a range of areas. It’s an amazing job,’ she added.

Danielle believes that networking played a key role in her success as it was due to her connections at Parramatta Eeels that she got the gig at Wests Tigers.

‘One of the great things about doing a traineeship is that you meet and connect with the people in the industry which could result in you getting a job.’

For Danielle it was more than a qualification, experience and networks it was also the support and encouragement she received from her Field Officer that gave her the confidence to go further.

'My field officer Breanna Appel was outstanding and guided me throughout my time at the Eels. She offered ongoing support and always went above and beyond to assist me in all areas. Even when I completed the program, Bre still assisted me in continuing my career and challenged me to always be the best I could be,’ smiled Danielle.

DATE: 8th December 2016

AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello

IMAGE: Danielle Mace