Get ahead with a gap year

Get ahead with a gap year

Get ahead with a gap year

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Schools out and summer holidays are here! It’s time to let loose, relax and unwind after the pressures of year 12. But the stress isn’t over yet, another pressing question looms.

“What do I do with my life now?” For some the decision is simple, pursue further study at University or Tafe or jump straight into the work force. For others who are yet to figure out the direction they want to take, the decision can be tough. That’s why taking a gap year could be the best decision you ever make.

Taking a gap year doesn’t always mean travel, there are other experiences that can help your future, like completing a traineeship. For instance, we interviewed two young Aussies who chose to complete a traineeship with us during their gap year and they tell us how it has benefitted them.

Victorian trainee Isabella Andueza chose to work in her gap year and complete a traineeship in Sport and Recreation as an assistant Outdoor ED teacher at Mount Lilydale Mercy College.

“I took a gap year because although having a rough idea that I wanted to do teaching I wasn’t 100% certain. I also wanted to take a break from the full on study after year 12” Isabella told us.

“Having done this traineeship at AFL SportsReady and gaining a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation I now know exactly what I want to do with my career. I have gained valuable experience working in a school and have had the best time working alongside such amazing people!”
She said. Isabella is now following up with her teaching dreams and the AFL SportsReady team is right behind her. 

Like Isabella, our Queensland trainee Marcus MacDondald-Camden was in the same situation, he had a passion for sport but was unsure how to approach it. Marcus chose to complete a traineeship with AFL Queensland not only to get experience, but to gain knowledge and contacts in the sporting industry for when he begins his degree in Sport and Exercise science. 

“I’m so glad I chose to do a traineeship because it has provided me with the opportunity to stay within the line of work I am most passionate about, which is sport” Marcus said.

He told us, “The best part of taking a gap year and pursuing a traineeship is that it has allowed me to get on the job experience early and it has shown me what I have to do in order to succeed in the sporting industry. It’s also put me a step in front of those who decided to study first”.

Marcus also explained what employers’ value most is experience and with a traineeship under your belt this adds a year’s worth of practical experience to your resume, making it stand out from other potential employees. 

“Doing a traineeship in my gap year has definitely paid off, it has given me so much experience that’s not only going to help me in my degree but it will also look great on my resume which will help me get a job in the future”, Marcus said. 

So next time you daydream about taking a gap year remember it doesn’t have to be on a beach in the Bahamas, you could do something different that will potentially set you up for life! 

Want to know more?

Click HERE to learn about our traineeships and how they can benefit you.  Our Jobs Board has all our current vacancies on it including jobs in a number of schools, Netball Victoria, Golf Courses, YMCA, Multicultural Arts Victoria and more.

AFL SportsReady also offers a number of courses which can lead to direct entry into University with our partners.

DATE: Tuesday 9 December, 2014
IMAGE: Isabella Andueza hard at work on the snowfields