From Trainee to Host Employer

From Trainee to Host Employer

From Trainee to Host Employer

After completing her traineeship at Back in Motion Health Group in Hobart, Tasmania, Xanthe Pastoor gained full-time employment at the clinic. Now, she is not only manager at a clinic in Kingston, but she is also a host employer giving other young people the opportunity to kick start their careers through the traineeship program.

We decided to take on Trainees as a way to support young people in our community. And because it’s thanks to the opportunity I had in 2015 to commence a traineeship with Back in Motion that led me to where I am today,” said Xanthe.

Xanthe decided to take on a traineeship after completing a semester of her University degree.

“I realised I wasn’t passionate about what I was studying, but I wasn’t sure where to go next or where my passions were. I saw the opportunity of further study whilst working as a great one, as it allowed me to explore a few different things at once. 

It’s important to note that it’s okay to do things differently than others. Your path doesn’t need to be linear.” 

In her traineeship, Xanthe studied a Certificate III in Business and in her role, she provided administrative support and customer service to their clients and physiotherapists. At the same time, she learned about the various areas at the clinic and grew to enjoy the business side of things.

 “I was lucky to be able to continue working at Back In Motion Hobart once I completed my Certificate III and from there moved to a new Back In Motion practice that opened in Kingston, where I am now the Practice Manager.” 

Having the chance to start her career in an industry she loves, Xanthe decided it was time to pay it forward and give other young people the chance to do the same. She also felt she was the perfect person to mentor a young person who was undertaking the traineeship journey.

“We have had over 3 trainees employed with us and it’s been a great success.All trainees have gained employment at our clinic

The benefits are endless for both the trainee and for us. 

One important benefit is that the young person completes their certificate whilst working, which for us is in business, and this gives them great insight and appreciation for the business itself as well as in their role in our administration team.” 

Xanthe sees herself working in the health industry for the long-term and aims to continue to contribute to the growth and success of Back in Motion Health Group.

In 2018, Xanthe received the Frontline Excellence Award at the 2018 Back in Motion Symposium. The national award is presented to the leading administration team member for excellence in client services, practice organisation and peer leadership.

Her final piece of advice for a young person thinking of taking on a traineeship is, Take the leap. A traineeship is a great way to start out and an opportunity to find your passion, whilst gaining experience and a qualification. 

And for any employers out there considering taking on a trainee, it is great to be able to give a young person an opportunity to study and develop their skills whilst they are also a key part of your business. I couldn’t recommend the program highly enough.” 

This article is part of a series to highlight the real stories of young people who chose a Traineeship as their career pathway.

The ‘Careers are made through Traineeships’ article series features AFL SportsReady alumni demonstrating ‘where they ended up’ post Traineeship.

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Date: 17th of February 2021

Image: Xanthe Pastoor receiving the Excellence Award.

Author: Marissa Pagliarello