From Trainee to General Manager of HR at Motorsport Australia

From Trainee to General Manager of HR at Motorsport Australia

From Trainee to General Manager of HR at Motorsport Australia

Thanks to her traineeship, former trainee, Tamara Joy, is now working as the General Manager of People and Culture for Motorsport Australia. She believes her traineeship was the vehicle in helping her get to where she is today as it gave her the opportunities she needed to reach success.

“The traineeship provided me with a foundation of valuable skills and experience,” said Tamara.

“I didn’t necessarily think at the time that it would get me to where I am today.  What is evident, is that the broad skills and experience gained through the traineeship provided me with the foundation to continue to grow and develop my career,” she added,

Tamara completed her traineeship at Melbourne Fitness Club in 1995 and studied a Certificate IV in Sports Administration.

“I chose a traineeship at the completion of Year 12 as I wasn’t ready to continue with full-time study. The traineeship provided me with a great chance to study part-time whilst also working part-time.

In my opinion, a traineeship provides greater practical application of learnings than University. Selecting a traineeship over attending University was a difficult decision, however one I am very glad I pursued.

I find there is often an expectation that when you finish Year 12 you should automatically go to university. I was accepted into the university course of my choice. However, deep down inside I knew I wasn’t ready to continue with full time study.”

When Tamara began her traineeship, her supervisors at Melbourne Fitness Club, who were the two Directors of the business, took Tamara under their wings and over the next 12- months of her traineeship they taught her everything they knew about the industry.

“Both the Directors mentored me, teaching me everything involved in running a business from customer service, membership, accounting, health and fitness, OHS, sales and marketing to name a few.

This breadth of this experience was further supported by the classroom teaching, which gave me a broad and valuable foundation of practical skills and experience that I don’t think I would otherwise have gained.

After completing her traineeship, Tamara was offered ongoing employment and stayed on with the Melbourne Fitness Club for another 6 years.

“I remained and continued to grow and develop for another 6 years, progressing to various management roles within the business.  The relationships and networks developed help set me up for the future. “

Tamara later worked in industries such as retail, horse racing and housing and studied a degree in Human Recourses – an area she is most passionate about. In 2013 she took an exciting opportunity at Motorsport Australia.

“My career plan and path has changed over time, but the experiences and opportunities gained from the traineeship helped guide my career and gave me everything I need to be in the position I am today.” 


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