Foundation for a Head Start

Foundation for a Head Start

Tyson Eiszele, a proud First Nations trainee from Tasmania, has got a head start in his career by completing a school-based traineeship with AFL SportsReady. At just 17 years old, Tyson balances high school, part-time work at ANZ bank, and studies in business. His traineeship has equipped him with essential skills in customer service, time management, and communication, fostering both professional and personal confidence.

Despite the challenges of managing priorities, Tyson finds support from his employer, teacher, and AFL SportsReady. Attending gatherings for Indigenous trainees, he recently learned valuable financial management skills. Tyson’s traineeship sets the stage for a successful future career, demonstrating growth, resilience, and a strong work ethic.

At only 17, Tyson, is completing his final years at high school and working part-time at ANZ bank, while studying a Certificate II in Business.

“I started my traineeship at the beginning of 2017 and it’s one of the best things I have ever done. It allows me to stay in school and have a job at the same time so I can gain the work experience I need to set me up for the future,” said Tyson.

Working at ANZ in Eastlands (Tasmania) as a Teller/Navigator, Tyson has developed a whole new range of skills including customer service, time management, communication and many others.

“I work at the front of the branch so I have to greet people upon arrival, ask questions about their needs and direct them where they need to go.

“This has given me confidence not only as a professional but also in myself.”

“The experience has shown me that I have the ability to step out of my comfort zone and achieve anything. I would have never thought I would be working in the finance industry, but here I am and I am loving it,” he explained.

Another important aspect of the traineeship program is learning to balance priorities. Trainees must learn to balance their school work with their traineeship and this can often be a challenge.

“Sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming and the workload is a bit much, however, this is when I really start to surprise myself. I find my drive, knuckle down, work hard and find a way to balance everything and do it well.

“My employer and teacher are really understanding, there is a lot of support around me and AFL SportsReady also provides me with a personal mentor for extra guidance.”

AFL SportsRready trainees are also invited to participate in a range of ‘gatherings’ which allows them to connect with other Indigenous trainees. Tyson recently attended My Moola, a Tasmanian gathering, which focuses on teaching young people to manage their finances.

“The gathering was such a huge benefit to me, I took so much from the day and I am applying what I learnt in my everyday life. I am finally building up my savings to buy a car.”

Upon graduating from high school and his traineeship Tyson will have laid the foundation for a head start in his career.

“Thanks to my experience I have become more determined, motivated and resilient. Not only have I learned new skills and gained valuable work experience, I have also seen a lot of growth in myself.”

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IMAGE: Tyson Eiszele