Fostering Growth: Trainee’s Journey to Success

Fostering Growth: Trainee’s Journey to Success

Cheyenne Moore’s traineeship journey under the guidance of supervisor Danni Webb (Sports Department Supervisor) has been an inspiring story of growth and achievement. From building confidence to taking initiative, Cheyenne’s experience at Mount Lilydale Mercy College showcases the profound impact of a supportive supervisor.

In this article, we delve into Cheyenne’s experiences and the pivotal role that Danni played in her remarkable growth.

Cheyenne’s Growth with Danni Webb’s Support

Under the mentorship of Danni Webb (AKA Webby), Cheyenne has thrived both personally and professionally, making significant strides in her traineeship. Danni’s expertise and guidance have been instrumental in fostering Cheyenne’s growth and enabling her to navigate challenges with confidence.

According to Cheyenne, “I feel like I have a lot more responsibility now, especially under Webby’s guidance. I have developed and built upon the skills I gained in the first semester. I am now using these skills to coach and interact with kids. If someone interrupts me while I’m speaking, some of the players will say, ‘Stop talking, the coach is speaking,’ and the students are respecting me more now.”

Overcoming Challenges and Earning Respect

Initially faced with the challenge of transitioning from a student to a staff member, Cheyenne relied on Danni’s support to establish herself and gain the respect of students and colleagues. Danni’s belief in Cheyenne’s abilities empowered her to rise above scepticism and fulfil her potential.

Danni remarks, “I have observed a significant improvement in Cheyenne’s work with the senior students, who can be a more challenging group. Gaining respect from them has been a major accomplishment. Initially, it was difficult for them to accept Cheyenne as their Teacher due to her being a student last year. However, Cheyenne has proven herself to be a great coach, and now the seniors respect and listen to her. Their positive response to the trainee is a big indicator of how far they have come, and it shows Cheyenne’s development and progress as well.”

Taking Initiative and Building Confidence

Supported by Danni’s mentorship, Cheyenne has grown in her ability to take initiative and make independent decisions. This newfound confidence has elevated her capabilities and earned her praise from students and colleagues alike.

Danni explains, “Cheyenne is definitely getting better at trusting herself, which is something most Trainees struggle with initially. They are unsure if they are allowed to make decisions. By encouraging her to take initiative,

I have seen her confidence grow.

Her initiative has improved significantly this term. Trainees often lack this quality when they start because they have just transitioned from being students to staff members. Making decisions and taking the next steps can be challenging for them.”

Cheyenne adds, “The experience has definitely boosted my confidence, and I feel more empowered.”

Smooth Transition and Continued Success

Danni has meticulously planned for a smooth handover when she returns to full-time teaching, ensuring a stable environment for Cheyenne to continue her growth and contribute to the sports department with confidence.

Danni remarks, “Cheyenne has proven herself to be an excellent basketball coach, earning respect throughout the department. This accomplishment is truly remarkable. Oh, and by the way, we won a state basketball tournament!”

Impacting Future Aspirations

Cheyenne acknowledges the significant impact of her traineeship on her future aspirations. The skills, Sports and Recreation certification, and experiences gained during her traineeship have opened doors for potential careers in teaching, coaching, or other related fields.

Danni reflects, “Cheyenne’s journey has been remarkable. She started as a Trainee and has grown into a confident and capable coach. It’s truly fulfilling to witness their potential unfold and contribute to her success.”

Cheyenne’s journey exemplifies the power of a supportive supervisor in promoting personal and professional growth. Danni’s mentorship has provided Cheyenne with the tools to overcome challenges and thrive in her role. Their shared vision and approach have laid a solid foundation for Cheyenne’s continued success.

Cheyenne’s traineeship has equipped her with invaluable experiences and references that will undoubtedly strengthen her future prospects, whether she chooses to pursue a career in teaching, coaching, or even consider joining the police force.

Danni concludes, “If you’re interested in coaching next year, we would definitely be thrilled to have you back!”

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