Courses To Help You Land a Job In Sports

Courses To Help You Land a Job In Sports

Courses To Help You Land a Job In Sports

Passionate sportsman, Austin O’Connor-Stubbs, believes that in order to stand out in the sporting industry, taking as many learning opportunities as you can is a must. In just two years he has completed eight AFL Program courses with AFL SportsReady and believes each course has helped to maximise his education and employment outcomes.

“Upon completion I became more employable in other positions at higher levels.  I also found that I was being accepted into higher education courses,” said Austin, 23.

The courses are run by AFL SportsReady’s Athlete and Sports Education department and brings in programs from the AFL, AFL Players’ Association (AFLPA), The AFL Coaches Association (AFLCA), AFL Umpires and AFLW. The department is made up of a highly qualified and skilled team who have extensive experience in elite sports, adult education and career guidance.

“Before AFL SportsReady, I enrolled into the Bachelor of Sport Science degree at university, majoring in sports coaching. When I was studying my degree, I felt that I was learning but I didn’t feel that I was gaining a point of difference, over the other students studying the same bachelor.

 I wanted to seek further education to broaden my knowledge and gain other skillsets. AFL SportsReady offered executive courses in AFL list management, recruiting, coaching, and player welfare which would not only give me a certificate upon completion but would give me that point of difference I was searching for, when applying within the AFL industry.”

Austin completed a range of AFL courses from professional athlete and welfare development to all things coaching in both AFL and AFLW.

“All of the courses provided me with a great understanding of what experience and skillsets are required to work in one of these roles in the AFL Industry, along with shaping my philosophy around coaching, list management and recruiting.”

“There are many intelligent and highly regarded individuals enrolled in the courses so the conversations you have in group activities is where you can really learn from one another.”

The courses include presentations from experts within the AFL industry to draw on their experience and motivate and inspire participants of the program.

 “Every guest speaker was exceptional in providing an inside perspective on the topic. Current Carlton director of football Brad Lloyd and Sydney Football Club’s Recruiting Manager Simon Dalrymple presented two of the most interesting presentations I have ever heard in the AFL Industry.

Former AFL Coach Dean Laidley, who is a mentor of mine, delivered an inspiring and terrific presentation about coaching as well as pioneering St Kilda Assistant Coach, Peta Searle and former AFLW Coach Paul Groves who both delivered incredible presentations that provided me with some critical information about female coaching.”

After completing the courses, Austin gained employment as Assistant Coach with the Simon Black Australian Rules Academy in a new role, Maribyrnong Sports Academy and Western Bulldogs AFLW/VFLW program.

“Being an assistant coach to Simon Black. Clinton Young, Ben Mcgee, Sean Kavanagh, Ryan O’keefe and along with David Wheadon has been some of the best experiences in my career. Their mentorship has been invaluable to me.”

Austin now works as a Football Analyst for the Essendon Football Club and believes the AFL SportsReady courses and the many short education courses he completed gave him the knowledge, education, confidence and skills that prepared him for his current position.

“Working in sport full-time, analysing the game, working as apart of a team to achieve a common goal and being a part of the evolution of the game is what really interests me. I wouldn’t be here today without my mentors and the courses I have behind me.”

Since writing this article Austin has unfortunately been stood down for Essendon football club due to the AFL Shutdown.

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DATE: 16th of March 2020

AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello

IMAGE: Austin O’Connor-Stubbs