CBA Helped Drive Confidence

CBA Helped Drive Confidence

CBA Helped Drive Confidence

Just eight months into her school-based traineeship at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), proud Yorta Yorta Woman Georgia Males is thriving in her role and is inspired to take her career in the banking industry even further.

“I never thought I would be working in a bank, but thanks to my traineeship experience I now know this is the industry I can see myself in,” said Georgia, 17.

“ I already feel like I have come a long way from when I first started. I can see huge improvements in my skillset and in my confidence,” she added.

Based in Bendigo, Georgia started her journey earlier this year at her local branch in Kangaroo Flat thanks to AFL SportsReady’s Indigenous program, Warumilang, and in partnership with the CBA.

“I took on the traineeship because I knew this would be the perfect way to start off my career.”

“I really wanted to make my parents proud, that’s important to me,” smiled Georgia.

Coming on board as a timid employee, Georgia soon found her feet and stepped outside of her comfort zone.

“I used to be really shy and had a fear of talking to people but now I feel confident to help with a diverse range of tasks and projects.

‘”I am responsible for things like handling money, bank telling, managing statements, activating cards and dealing with Netbank. I have even surprised myself with how capable I have become.”

Georgia also credits her growth to her supervisor, branch manager, Taryn Fagan.

“I feel extremely grateful for my supervisor Taryn, who has been so supportive and kind. She has helped me to understand how the bank works and is encouraging of my commitments outside of work.

Ms Fagan is a strong supporter of the program and has been involved with AFL SportsReady since 2014.

“I like to mentor and support people and I felt like taking on a trainee would also be a great opportunity to learn about myself as well,” said Ms Fagan,

“Being a host is an amazing experience. It is truly so rewarding to watch someone learn new skills in a different world to school and see them learn and flourish.”

Since coming on board the team, Georgia has impressed Taryn with her commitment and attentiveness in her role.

“When Georgia is not in the business we feel it. She is a quiet soul who goes about the day and makes things happen.”

“It has been lovely to watch Georgia’s growth and development in the role, similar to a flower blooming”

“Georgia demonstrates strength of character – every weekend, she travels up to Echuca to play Netball and is doing well at school. Georgia possesses great values – inner strength and commitment, which will set her up well for the future.”

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DATE: 25th of October

AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello

IMAGE: Georgia Males and Taryn Fagan.