AFL SportsReady Re-launched

AFL SportsReady Re-launched

AFL SportsReady Re-launched

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AFL luminaries including CEO Andrew Demetriou, AFL Victoria Chairman Peter Jackson and Kevin Sheedy joined keynote speaker Martin Flanagan and industry representatives for the re-launch of AFL SportsReady at the MCG on August 21 2012.

After 18 years of delivering employment and training opportunities to countless thousands of young Australians across Australia, AFL SportsReady has experienced significant development and positive change.

AFL SportsReady is proud to maintain its strong values as a not-for-profit organisation and has not only improved how it conducts its core business, but has also expanded its thinking to identify how it can further contribute to the community and provide more opportunities for young Australians.

To mark this period of change, vision and progress, AFL SportsReady decided it was time to refresh their brand and re-launch the company.

A crowd of over 200 industry representatives listened to AFL SportsReady Chairman, Peter Jackson outline the company’s future direction. “The company is almost unrecognisable to that which began in 1994. What has been a gradual evolution has, in recent times, accelerated rapidly.”

Mr Jackson further commented “We looked at what we were doing and realised that we had the potential to do a lot more; both within the AFL, with young Indigenous people and in education – we’re on our way.

Mr Jackson noted AFL SportsReady’s accreditation as a Registered Training Organisation as a key achievement, enabling it to deliver high-quality education to trainees.

Author and Journalist Martin Flanagan provided a keynote address on the Role of Sport in Influencing Social Change, stating: “the core of (successful) organisations have to be people who have integrity, ability and the aspirations of their organisation at heart. Then things can start to happen. I believe this to be AFL SportsReady.

Andrew Demetriou further endorsed the progress of AFL SportsReady, stating they were “the AFL’s best kept secret.

Mr Demetriou also announced the creation of AFL SportsReady’s official patron council, a collection of prominent Australians who share AFL SportsReady’s vision to ensure young Australians are provided with quality employment opportunities and specialised educational programs. AFL SportsReady’s inaugural patron council members include:

  • Andrew Demetriou
  • Kevin Sheedy AM
  • Lindsay Fox AC
  • Samantha Mostyn
  • Bill Kelty AC
  • Ken Wyatt MP, AM
  • Fred Chaney AO
  • John Lewin

Kevin Sheedy was on hand to launch the AFL SportsReady Alumni, a program designed to provide graduate trainees with access to networks and further educational support after the completion of their traineeship.

As a key figure in the initial stages of AFL SportsReady’s development, Sheedy offered valuable insight into the importance of traineeships and the contribution they can make to the lives of young Australians, particularly in the early stages of their careers.

Representatives of the many corporate, government and community organisations that host AFL SportsReady trainees were informed about the establishment of the AFL SportsReady Club.

Host employers are entitled to automatic membership of the club, with benefits such as access to premium sporting events, networking opportunities and AFL SportsReady corporate events.

Closing the highly successful event, AFL SportsReady CEO James Montgomery addressed the crowd “We have spoken about AFL SportsReady the company, about what it has done, the changes that have been made and where it is going. But fundamentally SportsReady is people”. “As a company we are driven by making a difference in all that we do.