AFL SportsReady Announces New Partnerships

AFL SportsReady Announces New Partnerships

AFL SportsReady Announces New Partnerships

AFL SportsReady are pleased to announce two new partnerships with Aboriginal Housing Victoria and Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) in conjunction with the Victorian Government’s Jobs Victoria Employment Network (JVEN).

JVEN’s objective is to help disadvantaged Victorian jobseekers gain suitable employment through services delivered by employment experts. The initiative offers funding to specialist employment providers across the state and aims to place thousands of Victoria’s most disadvantaged youth in jobs.

‘AFL SportsReady will provide real opportunities for young people who are struggling to kick start their careers,’ said CEO James Montgomery.

‘We are proud to be part of the solution, and look forward toward a better future for many Victorians.’

The partnership with Aboriginal Housing Victoria aims to place 60 tenants over 4 years in the Melbourne, Hume and Loddon Mallee municipalities.

Furthermore, CMY aims to place 100 young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds in employment by 2020, focusing on the City of Casey and Dandenong.

By providing these young people with education options, work experience, traineeships and apprenticeships in booming industries in Victoria, CMY hopes they will form invaluable networks and skills that will lead them toward future career prospects.

‘We know from our 22 years in Education and Employment, young people need to be given a chance in order to thrive, we just need to present that chance,’ said Mr Montgomery.

DATE: 14 DEC, 2017
AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello
IMAGE: Aboriginal Housing Victoria, Deputy Chairperson Ian Hamm and AFL SportsReady Chair, The Hon. Steve Bracks AC