Arrow Energy Provides Traineeship That Inspires Eboney To Help The Indigenous Community

Arrow Energy Provides Traineeship That Inspires Eboney To Help The Indigenous Community

Arrow Energy Provides Traineeship That Inspires Eboney To Help The Indigenous Community

Thanks to her traineeship experience with Western Downs Regional Council in Chinchilla (QLD), proud Aboriginal Woman, Eboney Combarngo, is inspired to work in the community and support Indigenous Australians.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do before I started my traineeship in 2019,” Eboney said.

“But since working as a Library Assistant for the council in my traineeship and connecting with people in the Indigenous community often in my role, I knew immediately that this was my calling.

I want to work in community, I want to help support Indigenous Australians, I want to know more about my culture and connect more with my people. I realised there is not enough support out there, so now I am more passionate than ever to make a difference.” she added.

The Western Downs Region traineeship opportunities are made possible thanks to AFL SportsReady’s partnership with Arrow Energy. Over their strong six-year relationship, Arrow Energy and AFL SportsReady have provided 20 opportunities for young Indigenous Australians, covering Dalby, Chinchilla and Miles.

Eboney’s role as Library Assistant saw her not only working with people in the community but also gave her the opportunity to get involved in events such as NAIDOC week. A week dedicated to celebrating the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

“I helped with open days, I supported colleagues in delivering Library programs, I was involved in events throughout the year. There are so many highlights it’s hard to pinpoint a few but everything I did through that year shaped me to become the person I am now.”

Prior to starting her traineeship, Eboney describes herself as a shy person with low self-esteem and little confidence however all this changed for her.

“From having no confidence, my confidence is now through the roof. As my colleagues remind me, I am a strong, independent woman. My traineeship opened my eyes in so many ways to the Indigenous community and also opened me up as a person.”

Through her traineeship, Eboney faced personal struggles which made it difficult for her to find the motivation to complete the coursework for the Certificate III in Business she was studying. She also lives with a life-long injury that limits her in areas of her life. However, she found the strength to push through and complete her traineeship with flying colours.

“What stands out for me the most is the support I had through my traineeship. I really wrestled with the work at times, but I had an incredible group of people supporting me.”

My Field Officer, Educator and Mentor at AFL SportsReady, Toni, Shirley and Malita and my colleagues and supervisors at the Council got me through. They motivated me, they gave me the strength and guidance I needed to cross the finish line and I did. I made it.”

Eboney feels she is a different person from when she started her traineeship. She has a newfound confidence and a new passion in life to support the Indigenous community as a full-time job.

“The traineeship changed me, it taught me about life, it taught me about myself. Thanks to AFL SportsReady, to Arrow Energy and Western Downs Regional Council, I found my passion. I found my future”

After graduating from her traineeship in March 2020, Eboney decided to continue working at Western Downs Regional Council but this time in the Dalby area where she is also studying a Certificate I in Construction.

Towards the end of the year she will be studying a Diploma in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies to support her career helping the Indigenous community.

The Western Downs Regional Council traineeships are in partnership with Arrow Energy Australia. Check out how the traineeships are helping young people in the Western Downs community kick-start their careers here.

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DATE: 11th June 2020

AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello

IMAGE: Eboney Combarngo in her traineeship