Traineeships Support Young People and Provide Real Benefits to Business

Traineeships Support Young People and Provide Real Benefits to Business

Traineeships Support Young People and Provide Real Benefits to Business

Professional services consulting firm, Rubik3, heard about the traineeship program and wanted to give a young person an opportunity to work with them. Eight months into the program, their trainee, proud Wadi Wadi and Maori Woman, Ngioka Kamira Sams, has become such an integral part of the team, Rubik3 have decided to offer her a job post her traineeship.

Ngioka is a very calm and professional young lady. I am just so proud of her journey and the way she has developed in the last eight months. She is just fantastic, and I am very happy that after she graduates, she will be absorbed into the business,” said Nadia Pessarossi, the Chief Operating Officer at Rubik3.

Nadia always had a vision to take on a trainee and support a young person, but she wanted to find the right program. Having started her career as a trainee herself, she knew how it worked and knew first-hand the benefits of a traineeship. 

“Community is at the heart of what we do here at Rubik3. We are always giving back and always supporting someone, so the traineeship opportunity aligned with what we do, and our values – because it changes someone’s life for the better. 

It’s a massive year of development for the young person, they see everything, they learn everything, and they study a certificate. 

It’s a huge step for someone’s future and a real benefit for us, it has been an amazing experience.”

Ngioka came on board the team at the end of 2020, taking on a role as Office Administrator and studying a Certificate III in Business. In her role, Ngioka learns about the different systems of the organisation and the different business lines as the company specialises in three main areas including consulting, business services such as tax and business advisory and recruitment.

 She helps with the contractors and does their pay rolls and timesheets, she is a massive support for the strategic resourcing team, and she is also that person that sits at the front desk and welcomes everyone.

She does the little jobs and the big jobs, and she certainly is learning how a professional services business runs.”

Just as much as Ngioka learns from her colleagues, Nadia said, the organisation also learns from her.

“She brings so much to this organisation. She has this calm and grounding nature and that really impacts the whole business.

We sponsor a lot of community days and Ngioka was involved in the organisation of an Indigenous Round and wrote a beautiful Welcome to Country for the footy club president to read which was live streamed. She is educating us every single day.”

Ngioka has thrived in every aspect of her traineeship and has grown into a confident and assured young woman. For Nadia, this has been one of the most rewarding parts about being a supervisor.

“She started her journey as a very quiet young woman, always speaking very softly in meetings. Now, she is using her voice, she is stepping into her power. I really love watching her come out of her shell.”

With the skills she has gained, Nadia believes Ngioka is now equipped to explore many different career pathways.

“If Ngioka wanted to go further into the government then she could.

We had that conversation with her and asked her what do you want to do? Because now, she has all these skills and this experience, and she could go into different avenues.

But luckily, she said she was happy here at Rubik3 and wanted to stay.

We are so happy with her response because we didn’t want to lose her.

Even when she isn’t a trainee anymore, we will continue to always support her and her development.”

The traineeship has given Ngioka a real opportunity to step into a career and at the same time it has provided Rubik3 with a valuable employee who has contributed to the company in a positive and significant way.

“I am a huge cheerleader for the program. I really believe in traineeships and having Ngioka really reinforces this.

When I was younger, I went down the pathway of a traineeship after I finished year 12. The traineeship is great because it gives a young person an insight into an industry, it allows someone to pick up skills that really can’t be picked up at Uni in four years. It gives people so much and more. I can’t recommend it enough and I always refer others to seriously consider taking on a trainee and give someone a go.”

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DATE: 11th of August 2021

AUTHOR: Marissa Pagliarello

IMAGE: AFL SportsReady Field Office/Mentor Glen Ella with Nadia and Ngioka